Louis Chenevert, Expert in the Aerospace Business

Louis career life has been associated with successful leadership and each company he joined experienced his presence. His journey began at the General motors where he served for 14 years as the Production General Manager. He gained a lot of experience while at the company and later left for Pratt & Whitney in1993. Read more at yatchingmagazine.com.

After working for Pratt & Whitney for six years, Louis Chenevert was elected as this Canadian’s engine business president. The promotion occurred at a time when the company was performing poorly but he was able to make it stand.

Seven years later after working for Pratt & Whitney, Louis Chenevert was promoted to be the CEO of UTC, the parent company of Pratt & Whitney. His tactic of working left the company thriving despite of the postwar era that led to the fall of many companies.

In his tenure at United Technologies Corporation (UTC ), Louis Chenevert managed to maintain the working location at Connecticut despite of it being expensive to run a business in. he did not practice the then ongoing outsourcing of employees to reduce cost nor lay off employees as a result of postwar impact. Instead, he took the best aerospace engineers from Connecticut so as to apply high skills on the company’s commercial and military contracts. Read more about Louis at crunchbase.com.

Since UTC carried out several businesses, he was able to guide it on how to balance its portfolio in markets that had diversity of users. The company was able to create new products as a result of high returns and revenues that were developed through different stages. The company was able to benefit from every stage of product development and there was an increase in the general business turnover.

In 2011/12, he served as the vice-chairman in the Business Council for the Executive Committee. Louis resigned as the CEO of the UTC in December 2018. He later became the Exclusive Advisor in the banking Division of the Goldman Sachs Merchant in September 2015. He currently works in this position, seeking opportunities in the aerospace and industrial sectors for the company as these are the areas where his passion lies. Louis also extends his advice to other businesses that are not in the industrial and aerospace sectors.


Jorge Moll Discusses the Role of Technology in Medicine

In a recent interview, Jorge Moll went into detail about the important role technology plays in medicine. He said that the integration of technology into medicine was a global trend. Today it is hard to discuss advances in medicine without discussing the crucial role technology has played. He singled out the advances made in Silicon Valley and neighboring areas of Northern California. The advances made there in digital technology have found their way into modern medicine and opened new frontiers. Learn more about Jorge on ideamenschcom.

He also talked about Dr. Albert Chan, who is the VP in charge of innovation at Sutter Health, which is the second biggest healthcare network in the US. Dr. Chan came to Brazil with the aim of advancing the role of technology in medicine.

Jorge Moll said the doctor came into the country to discuss the major trends in medical technology. He said that the lectures given by Doctor Chan showed that technology could have a major impact on how patients are cared for when they visit a hospital. For instance, imagine if a doctor could retrieve all of a patient’s information using one voice command. A good example of the use of voice command technology was Google Glass. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

He said the technology could help to ensure more efficient and humanized interaction between patients and doctors. It would also ensure that the doctor could fully focus on the patient as he or she did not have to spend time trying to pour over large quantities of files or taking notes.

At the end of a consultation, the doctor could collect and store all information remotely. This information could be accessed with ease by a specialist, which would enable more productivity in the medical industry.

The use of smartphones and tablets has also grown a lot in recent years. There are now applications that let users access their medical history and make appointments online without the need to use a call center.

Such innovations would only continue to grow and would become an integral part of how medical care was disseminated in the future. This would continue further even into medical research and how medicine is taught.

Visit: https://loop.frontiersin.org/people/6678/overview

Madelaine Petsch Reveals Her Lime Crime TV Secret

The Netflix produced TV series “Riverland” has just completed its second season with the iconic residents of this Archie Comics universe making their way to screens in a more adult way than many could imagine. One of the characters to have quickly been taken into the hearts of fans is Cheryl Blossom, one of the wealthier residents of the town who likes to show off her expensive clothing and toys; Cheryl Blossom is played by Madelaine Petsch, who recently explained one of her main cosmetics secrets in bringing the character of Cheryl to life is the use of Lime Crime Red Velvet Velvetine Matte lipstick.

The character of Cheryl Blossom is already on her way to achieving legendary status with her deep red lips one of the trademarks of the look of the character. Madelaine Petsch explained the amount of kissing and long hours on set mean the use of Red Velvet from Lime Crime has been a bonus for herself and members of the makeup team who do not need to reapply this long-lasting liquid lipstick on a regular basis throughout the day. Although the lipstick is described as kiss-proof. Madelaine Petsch revealed a layer of lip balm added to the lipstick makes it smudge proof throughout each day of filming.

Lime Crime has developed a loyal fan base over the course of its short life as a cosmetics manufacturer and has proven it is possible to successfully market cosmetics over the Internet. The range of cosmetics available from Lime Crime has been expanding over recent years with the Velvetine Matte line becoming one of the most popular produced for its fast-drying nature to create a consistent look over the course of a day; the signature looks at Lime Crime are those colors unique to this vegan and cruelty-free company known for producing deep blues, purple, and orange cosmetics not commonly created by traditional cosmetics manufacturers.

Felipe Montoro Jens Says The Government Is Expecting 18 Infrastructure Auctions

During the last 4 months of 2017 Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas is expected to hold 18 infrastructure auctions, according to the project coordination secretary of the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI).

“18 auctions are planned in the second half of 2017, starting in September. We will continue to work in parallel with the discussions that took place in the Congress,” said Freitas. In order to increase productivity in Brazil, according to Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas, the infrastructure sector demands modernization. “We need to break the vicious cycle that drives away investors and increases unemployment … There is no escape from the concessions, in which we realize many gains. After all, we can not be hostage to the fiscal budget,”, “We have created a hub, articulated with ministries, which seeks to select projects that are truly attractive to the private sector and are succeeding.” said the PPI project coordinator.

Felipe Montoro Jens has reported that in June, when the secretary was questioned by the editorial director of the magazine EXAME, André Lahóz Mendonça de Barros, if the errors committed in recent years in concessions left marks in the decisions taken by foreign investors, Freitas answered citing the presence of international consortia in the auctions held in the PPI, in particular, in the airport concessions, which were held in March.

“I believe it was clear to these investors that the government has left an anti-business line and moved on to a pro-business line with Temer,” added Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas, project secretary for project coordination at the Investment Partnerships Program.

Michel Temer assumed the presidency of the Republic on August 31, 2016 and, during the first year of his administration, PPI held 44 auctions in the area of infrastructure; which bore thought provoking results looking ahead to the future.

The Contribution Of Drew Madden In The Healthcare Sector

Technological advancements have graced every sector of our robust economy. The healthcare sector is the backbone of all economies, and it tops on the list. The industry has currently adopted healthcare information systems to simplify the process of health analysis, information sharing and data storage. Healthcare IT has been adopted by many health facilities to enhance routine operations and the quality of care given to all patients. Drew Madden has not been left behind in the quest to transform our healthcare industry.

Strategic Healthcare Expansions

The healthcare industry has been set abuzz by the action of both CVS and Amazon. The former is on the verge of acquiring Aetna, a leading health insurance firm, while the latter has obtained pharmacy licenses in several states to distribute healthcare equipment. Investors cannot help but wonder about the surprising move?

Well, considering Amazon’s market outreach, diving into the sale of pharmaceuticals is bound to make it a worthy competitor to the already existing pharmaceutical firms. In turn, other pharmaceutical players like CVS can already feel this Amazon heat and are developing new ways to sustain the impending stiff competition.

State of the Healthcare Sector

A century ago, the healthcare sector in the United States was mainly under the management of religious organizations, and it faced an array of setbacks when fighting diseases. However, a great lot of investments have been made to transform the sector. Currently, the sector is worth $3 trillion, but there is fear that its impact does not match the level of investment thus far. Considering the magnitude of the American economy, entrepreneurship in the healthcare industry is lagging behind by far. In order to counter this, the problems facing the sector should be brought to the surface so that any willing investors can finance them as a business opportunity.

Madden’s Efforts

Drew Madden has heeded to the call of investing in the healthcare sector. He is an entrepreneur in Healthcare IT. Through his firm, Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Madden focuses on building strategic partnerships in the healthcare industry.

Madden joined Nordic Consulting Partners, an Epic consulting company, as President in 2010 and held the position until 2016. At the helm for five years, he was responsible for the firm’s tremendous expansion in all spheres. He has also worked with Ingenix as an Epic Consultant prior to his role at Nordic.

Drew is a holder of a degree in Industrial Engineering from Iowa University-College of Engineering. He is passionate about electronic medical records and strives to provide the best systems in the health sector.

Organo Gold: Incredible Coffees That Could Help You Live a Better, Healthier, More Prolonged Life

A new report from USA Today suggests the morning habit of people the world over could actually be working to prolong and sustain their lives. There are currently several studies underway looking into the health benefits of coffee and just how the caffeinated elixir can serve to better promote wellness. One of the most popular studies, out of Keck School of Medicine, led by Veronica Setiawan, says the evidence seems to suggest that regardless of caffeine content, or biological background, coffee can lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and kidney disease. Though Setiawan says the study cannot say coffee intake can prolong life, there is a definite association. Follow Organo Gold on Facebook.

If ‘regular’ coffee can do all of this, just imagine what’s possible with java implemented with natural wellness promoting herbs. Organo Gold, a nutraceutical, personal care product, and beverage company offer several varying flavors of rich, robust, naturally flavored coffee infused with the incredible, and wellness boosting, Ganoderma Lucidum. Commonly know as Red Reishi Mushrooms, the herb adds a new depth to Organo Gold’s already amazingly flavored coffees, along with providing increased liver function and detoxification, helping balance hormones, and can assist in fighting cancer and tumor growth. Visit crunchbase.com to know more about Organo Gold.

Being what’s known as an ‘adaptogen’, Ganoderma Lucidum, is a completely natural additive that can assist in adapting to several different types of stress, and can help the mind and body process a multitude of pressures. Along with coffee’s inherent benefits, the additive can allow for a variety of wellness increasing effects. Available in the aforementioned black, the impressive Arabian flavored King of Coffee, and Café style Mocha, Latte, and Supreme, Organo Gold offers coffee drinkers several ways to enjoy their morning joe, and experience the benefits. Organo Gold also provide Reishi infused Hot Cocoa, Green and Red teas, and a Black Ice drink mix. Talk to your local Organo Gold distributor to take your coffee, and life, to the next level today! Follow Organo Gold on Linkedin.

Read: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/organogold

Highland Capital’s Five Tips For Beginners On How To Successfully Manage A Hedge Fund

Managing a hedge fund is becoming one of the more popular American dreams. There are definite advantages to running one. You can earn at maximum a $1 billion dollars a year.

Your company will land itself on almost every major news outlet or magazine. There is an instant attraction and draw in the financial world. A hedge fund can take your everyday mundane activities and make them more fun and interesting. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

Five Tips On How To Approach This Endeavor

1) Your startup needs to have a competitive edge over everyone else in the business. Your company needs to say something that no one else is. You need to decide whether yours is a marketing, information or trading edge and capitalize on it.

2) Do you have a goal? You need to have a goal. You cannot use ideas that have not been tested or only backtested. These ideas will not fair well in the market. Investors are not going to qualify you as a good risk unless you have something worthwhile to prove.

View: https://patch.com/texas/across-tx/trey-parker-becomes-co-cio-highland-capital

3) You need seed money. Your seed money will consist of Team size, your investing partners, and your cost structure. Your profits might see heftier results when you choose a low-cost asset structure. You need to be well-capitalized, but not to the point where you throw money out the door.

4) You need a sales plan. Your hedge fund will not succeed until a sale is made. You need a plan on how to achieve this goal. You will need to weed out the good risks from the bad. You will need to raise money. Your raised money comes from partnerships. You need to determine which partnerships will be more profitable.

5) You need a legal team on your side. Your legal team will help you out of jams and other company issues. You are ill-advised to proceed without one. Great risk management starts with a proper staff. You need to pick a legal team that works in the hedge fund business. They will know the ins and outs better than anyone. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.com.

Dallas Women’s Foundation 32nd Luncheon

Dallas Women’s Foundation is a phenomenon organization founded to support and invests in women to accelerate the entire societal growth. It holds various events aimed at raising funds for their activities. One such event, the annual Dallas Women’s Foundation 32nd luncheon was scheduled on Friday 20th October 2017 at Hilton Anatole Hotel. It received a boost from Nexbank SSB which gifted it $ 100,000. Nexbank believe that their contribution will be channeled in the foundation’s mandates of elevating the economic and leadership status of women in Dallas.

The luncheon unveiled the keynote speaker to be Dr. Hope Jahren who is a world renowned award-winning scientist and a bestselling writer. She is named in Time Magazine as one of the top 100 influential people. The address will be directed and set to benefit 20 schools and reach over 10,000 students in Dallas. Dallas Women’s Foundation luncheon registers a vast number of important individuals who raise funds and awareness to impact positive change on women’s lives. The Foundation’s initiatives uplift the social and economic standing of women and girls who form the basis of a society.

Nexbank is a financial institution headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It is an instrumental partner to many corporations, businesses and individuals who seek banking services. It offers commercial banking services, mortgage banking and Institional services. NexBank is a reputed banking associate that has diversified financial benefits for its clients. It is a trusted institution with experts who are committed to providing excellent services.

Nexbank SSB is part of Nexbank Capital, Inc that deals with a large portfolio of clients. The money markets determine that Nexbank rates are three times the national average and hence an A health rating. Nexbank SSB branch collaborates with clients to provide commercial lending, agency services, income diversification strategies through treasury management and financing for real estate developers. The services are seamless, diverse, quality and unique.

The regional bank is an avid supporter of philanthropy in Dallas. Its benevolence helps foundations in their quest and constantly impacts the lives of people. It is a reliable driver of national economic prosperity.

Talkspace: Be Yourself

One of the oldest pieces of advice we have been given in life is “Be Yourself.” While it might sound easy, it is not always possible to execute for whatever reason. Too often, people might have gotten in our faces and told us that we couldn’t do something. The worst part is that we believed them. Those days are now gone thanks to Talkspace, as it helps those that are suffering from mental illness. Chances are you know someone that is struggling with mental illness and has had to battle it in their life. Maybe they are battling it, but they are keeping it to themselves.

Even though it does define them, it is part of who they are and they should not be ashamed of it. As a matter of fact, they should embrace it, talk about it, and be open about it. Talkspace allows people that platform, the space, and the avenue to do just that. Talkspace is an app that has video, texting, and phone calls for those that wish to speak to a therapist. They are unable to afford a therapist through the office method, but they are still getting tremendous treatment. As a matter of fact, one of the great things about this method is how personal it is.

Even though someone is a therapist, they are also a person and they have a lot to offer and a lot to say. They just need the right platform to do so, and they truly develop a friendship with their clients. They get to know them because they are not just another person texting them or calling them for help. They are someone that needs assistance and a little help, and they want to be the one that provides it for them along the way.

Clay Siegall

As a young man of 19, Clay Siegall saw his father stricken with cancer. After watching him suffer and struggle with the disease for the next 5 years until his death when Clay was 24, he decided that his life’s work would be dedicated to developing and improving the woefully lacking cancer-fighting methods and medications that had been the only thing available to help his father combat the deadly disease.

Fast forward to the 1980s. Clay Siegall makes good on his goals. Beginning in 1988, he held positions at the National Institute of Health and The National Cancer Institute from 1988-1991. From 1991-1997 he worked for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

In 1988 Clay Siegall became co-founder of Seattle Genetics, located in Bothell’s Cascade Business Park. Today he serves as President/CEO/Chairman of the company. Siegall holds fast to the integrity of Seattle Genetics, maintaining the company’s focus and steadfastly refusing to sell out to or be taken over by large corporations whose main focus is money rather than cancer treatment. Siegall stands firm in his dedication to the founding principles of Seattle Genetics: To work to produce consistently better and more effective cancer-fighting methods and treatments. Siegall does not content himself with a company that does nothing more than recycle pre-existing drugs that fight cancer; he focuses the attention of Seattle Genetics on researching, developing, and marketing new and consistently more effective drugs in the war on cancer. He is also dedicated to making these cancer treatments available worldwide.

Siegall has opened an office in Switzerland in order for Seattle Genetics to be able to oversee and continue to improve and expand it’s international marketing interests. I February, he set a plan in motion to acquire the international rights to commercialize a recently developed cancer-fighting drug. He invested $2 billion into this venture. The drug, developed by a New Jersey-based biopharmaceutical company called Immunomedics, appeared to be at the forefront of cutting-edge cancer treatment. Siegall’s venture, while unsuccessful in it’s primary focus. left no doubt that Seattle Genetics meant business when it came to their dedication to providing oncology medications and treatments on a global scale.

Last year, Seattle Genetics’ sales reached $418 million, a 50% increase in just 2 years’ time. IN the past 5 years, their stock prices have ore than tripled. Next year’s projections are toward a continued increase in both company earnings and stock revenue under the capable leadership of Clay Siegall.

Siegall has stated publicly that he looks forward to waking up each day and doing work that he is excited about. His main goal is to see cancer successfully treated globally.