Doe Deere

Lime Crime is a vegan makeup company that is famous for its bright colors and bold lipsticks. The founder, Doe Deere, started the company so that she could have makeup that matched her eccentric wardrobe. She marches to the beat of her own drum, and wants others to the same.

Deere was born in Russia, and has always been a fun, makeup-loving person. All of her life she has been an entrepreneur- in elementary school, she made money by selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. When she was just 17, she moved across the world to New York City to pursue her passion of music. She met her husband and current president of Lime Crime through her band.

Even with her busy life, Doe Deere was able to share her morning routine. She wakes up at 8:30 AM every morning. The first thing she does is drink a big glass of water. She lives in Los Angeles, so it’s important for her to stay hydrated. After her water, she will eat a light breakfast. Grits are her favorite first thing in the morning, but she also loves yogurt, fruit, and freshly squeezed orange juice. After breakfast, she stretches or exercises, and then gets right to work. She checks her phone to get caught up on what’s happening in the world. After that, she gets onto Lime Crime’s internal chat system and talks with her company.

As a makeup CEO, Deere must do her makeup, of course. Doe loves to listen to music while she does her makeup, as it gives her a good vibe. Her hair is always dry in the morning because she washes it at night. This enables her to easily do her classic style of big, bouncy curls, which she uses a curling iron to do. After her hair, she washes and moisturizes her face. Now, for the makeup! She always starts with foundation. Although Lime Crime does not currently sell foundation, Deere assures that it will be coming soon. After that, she sets her foundation, fills in her brows, and then applies blush and lipstick. This is Deere’s whole morning routine, and she says that it works out just fine for her! Learn more:


Julie Zuckerberg; the talent acquisition expert

Julie has had different positions in her career, but it is her talent acquisition skills that have put her in the roadmap of success. Having worked with companies like Deutsche Bank and the Citi Bank, Julia has become a force to reckon within the talent acquisition industry.


Her career officially kicked off in 2002 when he joined the Hudson company. In this company, she was in charge of the candidate placement where she was the director. She worked in this position for five years before leaving the company in 2007 to join Citi a renowned bank. In Citi, she was the vice president and the executive recruiter a position she operated in for six years. She was first the executive recruiter for Citi global functions and later and executive recruiter for Citi Global consumer bank.

In November 2013, she left Citi bank to work at the New York Life insurance company. She was however with the company for only four months. She left the company in February 2014, and two months later she secured a job at the Deutsche Bank. This is what shaped her career. She joined the company as the vice president, executive recruiter and talent acquisition. She worked in this position for one year. She was later promoted to the executive talent acquisition lead under the private, wealth and commercial clients. She is still working on the same position today.


In her career, she has managed to recruit different professionals including the paralegals and attorneys. She has not only managed to recruit directors but has also been able to draft different contracts for the MDs.

She has partnered with managers and also business partners. She has created and indispensable reputation by leading negotiation of business deals and contracts. Global talent acquisition is also something she has been involved in. The audit, strategy, regional management, finance and investor relations are some of the skills she has shown in her various projects.

Providing strategic direction for the different companies has been her forte.

She is a member of different professional groups that include;

« Citi alumni

« Corporate recruiters

« Recruiting professionals

« Human resources

« Society of recruiters

Education and skills

She attended City University of New York-Brooklyn where she did her studies in Philosophy. She also attended the New York Law School.

In her career, she has experienced different skills including.’

« Talent acquisition

« Talent management

« Corporate recruiting

« Executive Staffing

« Employee training

« Management

« Human resources

« Behavioral interviewing

« Outsourcing

« Change in Management and succession planning

« Applicant tracking

« Sourcing

« Conflict resources

« Coaching

« Team leadership

Outside of her work, she has been involved and is interested in different ventures;

« Civil rights

« Social action

« Human rights

« Science and technology

« Arts and culture

« Economic empowerment

« Animal welfare

Julia Zuckerberg lives in Manhattan, and she has developed interesting hobbies including art, food, photography and running.