George Street Photography & Video In Ft. Myers, Florida

George Street Photography & Video is a concept originating in Indiana by several young photographers. The idea is to have local photographers, and video artists collaborate on single projects, under the George Street name. George Street is the location where the original project was started.

By having several professionals cooperate on the same projects such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduations and other festive occasions, a more professional and spectacular memory can be achieved.

Cities and locations have their memorable venues, such as in Ft. Myers, Florida, where the Heitman House offers a beautiful and elegant venue for weddings. The Plantation Golf and Country Club is another elegant and pristine location with all of the necessary amenities for a beautiful wedding.

Another unique and beautiful location is the Burroughs Home and Gardens, built in 1901 for a local businessman. There are so much more great places for any event, and you can be sure that the professionals from George Street will make the occasion at these beautiful locations, a great occasion. To read more, visit