A Beacon of Hope for Men in Dr. David Samadi

Prostate cancer is among the type of cancers affecting men at an alarming rate. While we are yet to find a cure, doctors have adopted new technologies to address the disease. One of the doctors specializing in the treatment of prostate cancer and other urological disorders is Dr. David Samadi. Additionally, he specializes in minimally invasive surgeries that include robotic radical prostatectomy.

As a native of Iran, the 1979 revolution orchestrated a series of events that left the doctor alone to fend for himself. As a result, he moved to Belgium with the aim of settling and continuing with his education. Samadi would continue with his education alternating between Belgium and London. They would later, move to New York where he completed his high school studies at Roslyn. Later, he pursued a degree in biochemistry at Stony Broke University. As he practiced, he furthered in different aspects and gained a Master’s degree in medicine, postgraduate training in urology, proctology, and robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship.

During his career, He developed a robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (RALP), a technique that has come to advance and improve efficiency in the operating room. With the technique, the surgical time reduces to less than two hours while hospital recovery time falls to 24 hours or less. Dr. David Samadi also trains urologist on how to use the da Vinci robotic system. The system magnifies the surgical field and increases precision. The computer technology combined with high precision robots aid in the removal of the cancerous prostate. As a result, there is an increased percentage of containing the disease. He has diversified and takes on lectures as a way of sharing his knowledge. On the other hand, he has written several publications. Most of the articles cover topics on oncology, robotic surgery, and urology. In 2009, New York Magazine recognized Dr. Samadi in the Best Doctors issue. Besides his career, he hosts the Sunday House call on Fox News.

In a recent interview, Samadi spoke of his current prostate removal technique. The method aims at separating the prostate without causing damage to the nerves. As a result, worries about impotence get reduced almost entirely. On a typical day, Dr. David Samadi rises by 4:30 am and arrives in the office by 6. After that, he performs the scheduled surgeries. Just before he leaves work, he makes sure that all his patients are well taken care of by checking on them. In the course of his career, he has found routine to be efficient instead of boring as perceived by many.

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