Thor Halvorssen an Activist Opposed to Oppression

Thor Halvorssen, philanthropist, activist, magazine publisher, producer of documentaries, he is Venezuelan by birth and one of the most interesting characters on the political stage today. As an activist, he is opposed to oppression of any form and does not care from which side of the political spectrum it occurs.

He was and is opposed to the socialist government of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, and considers Che Guevarra and Fidel Castro as enemies. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

From these leanings, it was only logical that he would represent the views of the right side of the political spectrum and that Fox News could use him as a hatchet man in an interview where he was expected to criticise Bernie Sanders as a socialist candidate running for President. Fox News was in for a shock.

Halvorssen explained that socialist governments are working around the globe, and it is only those socialist governments that limit individual freedom that he is opposed to.

The Fox interviewer lost control and credibility, and when Halvorssen admitted that he had given Sanders the largest legally allowable contribution, the interview made Halvorssen a favorite of the left wing.

Before this Fox debacle, The Weekly Standard, a conservative news magazine attempted to analyze this man by sending Matt Labash, a staff reporter, to do an in-depth interview.

After reading the article, we know what his sexual orientation is, his favorite drink, how he operates, and his energy levels. Most importantly Halvorssen describes himself as a liberal in the John Stuart Mill sense. We learn that Halvorssen is a dedicated, tireless worker fighting oppression anywhere that it occurs on the planet.

His childhood in Venezuela was spent in the lap of luxury, but both parents were politically active. His mother was shot while attending a peaceful demonstration and his father was a political prisoner in Venezuela.

Thor Halvorssen spends much of his life travelling from one dangerous situation to the next. He began the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum and is currently working on a film version of Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Tireless may be the best word to describe Halvorssen, but his efforts against despotism and political corruption are of great importance in this unstable world.

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