Rowers Reaching for Their 12th National Title

Orange Coast College is one of America’s best transfer schools, and is located in Costa Mesa. This is just off of the coast of southern California. Although it is a community college, the rowing program at Orange College has been facing four year universities for years. Yet, they do not bat an eye. Despite going against seemingly superior opponents, they are going for their 12th National Title in rowing. Daniel Amado, a member of the novice rowing team, says that ,”rowing makes you strong enough to bounce back.”

Although this rowing team has accomplished such a difficult and legendary feat, they have received little to no recognition for their accomplishments. The mental fortitude of these rowers is just one characteristics that have brought them great success in their endeavors. They openly talk about the sweat and physical toil that goes into rowing on a consistent basis (practicing six days a week with a difficult regimen). A very low percentage of rowing teams have the chance to make it as far as they have. Read more: Orange Coast Colleg | Facebook

Steve Morris, the men’s assistant coach for rowing, has been with the team for years. When he isn’t at practice pushing his athletes along, he is thinking about what he will do to push them further next practice. He has coached this team through many titles. Morris says that rowing is an art. This may be why he does such a good job at coaching his athletes.

He knows that every detail counts. The fact is – many of the students that participate in the rowing team have never even touched an oar before attending college. This is one of the reasons why it is even more impressive that they are competing on such an elite level.

Orange Coast College is one of the nation’s largest community colleges, and it was established in 1948. It offers students over 135 academic programs. It boasts the latest technologies in their facilities, and full accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and colleges.

In addition, Orange County College transfers an extremely high number of students to California in comparison to other schools. Many start their education at Orange Coast and transfer to private universities.