Dr. Jennifer Walden Blazes Her Own Path

Choosing to be a pioneer is not always easy. In many cases, being a pioneer means taking all kinds of risks. One person who knows all about how risks can offer great rewards is Dr. Jennifer Walden. She knows that excellence is a must in her life as one of the nation’s finest plastic surgeons. Walden’s career in this field makes her one of the nation’s only woman in this particular field. As such, she knows that she must be at her best every single day. Being a woman in this field can be demanding and rough yet intensely fulfilling at the same time. She realizes that her career helps demonstrate that woman can do well in what has often been seen as a career largely dominated by men.


A Long Training Period


As Dr. Walden tells others in a recent interview, becoming a plastic surgeon is a field that requires years of training. The potential entrant must be prepared to complete their medical school degree and then five years of additional training in the field. Doing so can force women to do things such as delay their childbearing longer than they would like. She knows this is why some women in the past may have shied away from this particular field in the past.


Making It Work


Walden has realized that such career challenges appealed to her personally. She knew from the first that being in the field of plastics could be a great way for her to make a difference in her patient’s lives and her world. In the past few years, she has continued to show other woman how they can follow in her footsteps and be part of the plastic surgery world. As a woman, she knows that she can listen to patients closely as she is also a woman. Many woman feel more comfortable with a woman at their side as they discuss the results they would like from any plastic surgery they are planning to undergo. Walden knows she can be at their side helping them to achieve their own personal physical health aims.


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