How EOS became the Hip New Lip Balm

Who knew a lip balm could be so fashionable? The little EOS lip balm container is the hottest accessory among young professionals these days. Creators Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller have taken the EOS craze and turned it into a company that has made $250 million. Currently number two behind the Burt’s Bees product, the new guy on the block is making everyone, including old-timers like Chapstick, up their game to stay competitive in the market. They have added their own exot

EOS (Evolution of Smooth), in the fun egg shape and in delicious sounding flavors , has become the go-to balm for the younger set. The company sells about one million pieces weekly, and its made with organic ingredients.

When the company started out it seemed like a long-shot. Mehra and Teller were pitted against beloved long-time giants Chapstick and Blistex. When they came up with the idea for some creative packaging and a smooth, flavored product, their popularity quickly grew.

Walgreens was the first chain of stores to step up and agree to carry the EOS product. From there Amazon, Walmart and Target gave the green-light and added it to their inventories.

Marketing the product was done by using bloggers along with other social media sites that helped spread the word. Endorsements by popular music stars helped the little EOS lip balm eggs catch on. EOS has nearly two million Instagram followers and seven million on Facebook.

New Skin care collections are being designed all the time and EOS has already added a shaving cream and a hand lotion to its list of products. Mehra and Teller succeeded when they weren’t afraid to take on the giants in their industry. Today that’s exactly what they’ve become.


Evolution Of Smooth Is Taking Over Personal Care

The Little Sphere That Could

The success of Evolution of Smooth gives insight to amazing power of what happens when you don’t overlook key details. The lip balm industry isn’t something anyone would have taken as an opportunity to build a Millennial brand, but this is what cofounder Sanjiv Mehra has managed to do. EOS lip balm sells millions of units a week and has already generated $250 million in revenue. Apparently, Millennials love what she is selling to them and the brand continues to grow.

Reaching For The Right Customer

The target demographic for Evolution of Smooth is the Millennial woman. Women are much more likely to purchase lip balm than men, but most brands attempt to target both genders. Evolution of Smooth decided the best course of action was to target young women. EOS lip balm made itself the most prominent advertiser in the market with product placements in music videos, countless selfies, and a strong social media presence. This appears to have paid off as Evolution of Smooth is one of the most beloved brands in general by Millennial women. The appeal of EOS goes well beyond the lip balm market. EOS lip balm products are available on the shelves of retail stores like Walmart and Target ( Online stores like Amazon and eBay stock EOS products too.

Where Everything Goes From Here

Beyond lip balm the Evolution of Smooth brand continues to expand into new markets with more personal care products. You can now find EOS lotions and EOS shaving creams for purchase. The geniuses behind Evolution of Smooth understood very well how to build a brand with staying power. Whenever young people attach themselves to a brand, they tend to stay with that brand for the rest of their lives. Evolution of Smooth is a brand with a future ahead of it. The lip balm industry wasn’t taken too seriously, but now everyone is rethinking how Evolution of Smooth grew into the success it is today.