Maggie Gill–CEO of Memorial Health–Creates a Sunnier Environment for the Healthcare Populace of Savannah Georgia in Her Role as CEO at MUMC:

People like strong leaders: such persons provide a strong, needed footing in their communities–and not everyone is born to lead. However, if anyone is born to lead, it is Maggie Gill. Maggie Gill is the illustrious CEO at MUMC. Memorial University Medical Center is a medical institution located within the sunny southern metropolis of beautiful Savannah, Georgia.


Maggie Gill, in her role as MUMC’s leader, oversees many areas within the healthcare institution. She does so in a highly efficient and discerning manner. Some of the areas which Maggie Gill oversees include:


The Internal Audit Function of the Organization;

The Memorial Health University Physicians, known by the acronym of MHUP;

The Orthopedic and Neuroscience Programs;

The Heart & Vascular Institute;

The Financial Aid Area;

Perioperative Services;

Corporate Communications;

Trauma Services; and

Facilities Management.


Ms. Gill establishes a rapport, as well, with governmental entities, and oversees that firm communications are carried forth, as it pertains to internal and outside vendors and members of staff.


It is true to “Gill style” that Maggie Gill believes in establishing the highest level of healthcare service, for the folks in the Savannah, Georgia community; assuring cost-savings mechanisms are put into place.


Maggie Gill, in order to meet the community’s expectations, always puts her best foot forward, in aligning herself with healthcare partners that believe: “If it is not broken do not fix it and if it needs remedy: well then, that is what great healthcare service is all about.” As it pertains to the preceding observation, one that is offered by the author, Ms. Gill has stated that she believes it is essential that preventative measures are required, in assuring the community lives a more healthful mode of living. She secondly, has demonstrated, that when healthcare is truly required: that service levels need not be minimized, in order to save the consumer money.


She has demonstrated, quite nicely, in fact, that the consumer can achieve the greatest in healthcare service without sacrificing the entirety of money within his or her pocketbook or wallet. One such example is Ms. Gill’s partnership with the insurance provider Eon Health. Eon Health serves two southern regions and is greatly in tune with Ms. Gill’s logic of providing quality health at the most minimal cost.


Too: they believe, like Ms. Gill, that preventative health assures that the consumer need only visit a hospital when the need is apparent or unavoidable. Otherwise, by the customer practicing a healthy mode of living, he or she affords, much, in the way of a fuller life.


Maggie and her team have heart. Ms. Gill’s dedication to the healthcare populace is undeniably apparent. She continually makes it her objective to provide the utmost in compassionate and outstanding healthcare–without the disagreeable price tag; attached.