Susan McGalla and Admirable Work Skills

Equality is imperative in the modern business community. Studies reveal that companies that have gender balance on their sides tend to soar. There may be good reason for that, too. Businesses that have good amounts of male and female employees may be a lot less narrow-minded. They may have access to additional points of view that can help them push forward in their fields as well. It can be tough to be a woman who takes over the business world. There are various women, however, who have managed to do so impressively. Susan McGalla has left many competitors in the dust. She’s displayed to the world time and time again that being a woman has in in no way interfered with her drive and ambition. She’s displayed to everyone that her gender doesn’t make her a less capable or talented worker, either. McGalla experiences no issues working alongside individuals of both genders. Being around men is no biggie to her. Being around women isn’t a big deal to her, either. She revels in hassle-free and smooth interactions with individuals regardless of their genders. Professionalism is honestly the only thing that matters to McGalla.

McGalla is a lady who comes from Ohio. She attended Mount Union College beginning in the early eighties. That’s where she began learning all about the worlds of marketing and business. These subjects made excellent and effective career preparations. She received a B.A. (bachelor of arts) degree after several years of hard work. She exited Mount Union College in 1986. Getting to work after graduation was a process that came rather easily to McGalla. She got an American Eagle Outfitters position eight years or so after graduation. She stayed working for the popular clothing retailer for approximately 15 years. She held a number of top-tier positions with the company. American Eagle Outfitters wasn’t too big in the beginning. It had a sole brand. Susan’s care, however, expanded the company greatly. She contributed to the development and orchestration of four exciting and unique brands. McGalla established a company that’s called simply P3 Executive Consulting. This was in 2013.