The Contribution Of Drew Madden In The Healthcare Sector

Technological advancements have graced every sector of our robust economy. The healthcare sector is the backbone of all economies, and it tops on the list. The industry has currently adopted healthcare information systems to simplify the process of health analysis, information sharing and data storage. Healthcare IT has been adopted by many health facilities to enhance routine operations and the quality of care given to all patients. Drew Madden has not been left behind in the quest to transform our healthcare industry.

Strategic Healthcare Expansions

The healthcare industry has been set abuzz by the action of both CVS and Amazon. The former is on the verge of acquiring Aetna, a leading health insurance firm, while the latter has obtained pharmacy licenses in several states to distribute healthcare equipment. Investors cannot help but wonder about the surprising move?

Well, considering Amazon’s market outreach, diving into the sale of pharmaceuticals is bound to make it a worthy competitor to the already existing pharmaceutical firms. In turn, other pharmaceutical players like CVS can already feel this Amazon heat and are developing new ways to sustain the impending stiff competition.

State of the Healthcare Sector

A century ago, the healthcare sector in the United States was mainly under the management of religious organizations, and it faced an array of setbacks when fighting diseases. However, a great lot of investments have been made to transform the sector. Currently, the sector is worth $3 trillion, but there is fear that its impact does not match the level of investment thus far. Considering the magnitude of the American economy, entrepreneurship in the healthcare industry is lagging behind by far. In order to counter this, the problems facing the sector should be brought to the surface so that any willing investors can finance them as a business opportunity.

Madden’s Efforts

Drew Madden has heeded to the call of investing in the healthcare sector. He is an entrepreneur in Healthcare IT. Through his firm, Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Madden focuses on building strategic partnerships in the healthcare industry.

Madden joined Nordic Consulting Partners, an Epic consulting company, as President in 2010 and held the position until 2016. At the helm for five years, he was responsible for the firm’s tremendous expansion in all spheres. He has also worked with Ingenix as an Epic Consultant prior to his role at Nordic.

Drew is a holder of a degree in Industrial Engineering from Iowa University-College of Engineering. He is passionate about electronic medical records and strives to provide the best systems in the health sector.