Common Errors Among Novice Photographers -Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

There are one too many mistakes that upcoming photographers make innocently. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, a photography enthusiast, highlights these faults hoping to school the new kids on the block.

There are times when blurs are needed in a picture to highlight certain features. When a photographer is able to achieve this, the photo looks great. Accidental blurs on the other hand are terrible to say the least. The shutter speed on your camera has to be a level more than its focal length if you are to shot a great picture.

Great photography on entails management of colors. In order to achieve a good balance, you ought to use your camera’s monitor to ensure that it has a reasonable color calibration. It is not rare to find photographers who are themselves impressed by their shots only to be criticized for the same. Another thing new photographers like is to have their pictures appear as paintings. Without noticing it, the painting like picture appears awkward due to increased saturation.

Composition and Proximity
If you are to take a picture close, choose a wide lens and try contrast. A properly composed picture will not tilt, it will sit straight.

High Dynamic Range overuse
The dynamic range refers to the difference seen between the darkest dark and brightest light you capture in your photos. When your subject goes beyond your camera’s HDR on, the highlights become white and the dark parts become black blobs on your photo.

New photographers wrongly believe the following:

Traveling photography
Many photographers sadly believe that good photos are shot when one is out there: out of his/her home area or town. If carrying a camera around does not do it for you, use your phone’s camera to capture photos.

Like painting and creative art, theme is what helps art to stand out one from the other. Young photographers should strive to learn the theme of their work, their inspiration.

Lots of Photos
You should not limit yourself to a certain number of pictures. Shot pictures and then separate the good ones from those that are not good. Display the good ones and see.

Many new photographers fail to see the consistency in their work and that of others. Consistency will be informed by theme. If you know your theme, then you will get cohesion and consistency.

Adrian Jose
He was born in Venezuela and grew up to appreciate art. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa holds many positions in Panama businesses and is senior in the business community of Panama.

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