Dallas Women’s Foundation 32nd Luncheon

Dallas Women’s Foundation is a phenomenon organization founded to support and invests in women to accelerate the entire societal growth. It holds various events aimed at raising funds for their activities. One such event, the annual Dallas Women’s Foundation 32nd luncheon was scheduled on Friday 20th October 2017 at Hilton Anatole Hotel. It received a boost from Nexbank SSB which gifted it $ 100,000. Nexbank believe that their contribution will be channeled in the foundation’s mandates of elevating the economic and leadership status of women in Dallas.

The luncheon unveiled the keynote speaker to be Dr. Hope Jahren who is a world renowned award-winning scientist and a bestselling writer. She is named in Time Magazine as one of the top 100 influential people. The address will be directed and set to benefit 20 schools and reach over 10,000 students in Dallas. Dallas Women’s Foundation luncheon registers a vast number of important individuals who raise funds and awareness to impact positive change on women’s lives. The Foundation’s initiatives uplift the social and economic standing of women and girls who form the basis of a society.

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The regional bank is an avid supporter of philanthropy in Dallas. Its benevolence helps foundations in their quest and constantly impacts the lives of people. It is a reliable driver of national economic prosperity.