The Views of George Soros on the Struggles of the New Ukraine

George Soros, the world-renowned billionaire investor and activist, made it clear in 2015 that the European Union must take action financially in order to ensure the survival of the new Ukraine. George Soros was adamant that without financial assistance from the EU and others, the new Ukraine had very little chance of success. However, Soros and Bernard-Henri Levy made it clear that the new Ukraine would defend itself militarily no matter how much pressure Russian president Vladimir Putin put on the Ukraine’s nearly all-volunteer Parliament and government.

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A New Policy to Rescue Ukraine

George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

In early 2015, neither the United States nor the European Union were willing to risk war with Russia over the turmoil in Ukraine. However, Soros and Bernard-Henri Levy were clear that sanctions imposed on Russia at the time inflicted an enormous amount of damage on the country’s economy. Historically low oil prices at the time also crippled the Russian economy. It is well-documented that Russia’s economy is heavily dependent on oil exports. Soros at the time stated that sanctions were a “necessary evil,” but they were not enough to change Vladimir Putin’s policies toward the new Ukraine. Since Putin was unwilling to change his policy stance, George Soros Ukraine outlined a decisive approach to the financial assistance that the EU and the United States should provide to ensure the survival of Ukraine.

A large injection of capital into Ukraine at the time would stabilize the region’s economy and provide the new Ukrainian military with much-needed assets in its battle with Russian forces. However, Soros warned of a little-known old Ukrainian regime that still existed within the region. His concern was the old regime could oust the new government and halt all attempts to stop Putin’s stranglehold on Ukraine. In all instances, Mr. Soros made it very certain that the EU and the United States could not continue with business as usual policies formed in 2007 and completed in 2012.

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