Rocketship Education Creating an Equal Opportunity to All Scholars

America is popularly known as the land of opportunities. While to some extent this is true, to a large extent it’s not more so if the education sector is anything to go by. Despite being a developed country, the American education system is one that does not favor the underprivileged both financially and also grades wise. However, thanks to Rocketship education, the hope for the underprivileged is rekindled.

Rocketship Education is a nonprofit network of public charter school established in America to help better and create an equal learning opportunity for all learners in the society. Arguably, Rocketship Education can be described as an all-inclusive school system. This charter school works with parents, the surrounding community, educators and students to help the students make it to a college education. Currently, Rocket Education had a total of 25 quality-performing charted public schools since its establishment a decade ago. With the impressive progress of this public charted school, it is only expected that this number will go up.

One of the core values of driving Rocketship Education is participation. This participation trickles down to parents’ participation in a major way. Unlike other educational systems that parents are involved only in the academics of their children, Rocketship Education involves the parents right from the word go. The school has a policy that allows parents to help in policy formulation of the institutions. This includes choosing the school’s core values. As if this is not enough the parents are also involved in choosing educators for their children. Most recently, a representation of parents sat at the interviewing table interviewing parents that would teach at the new D.C charter school. This practice is particularly of importance as it helps parents control the quality of their children’s education from where it matters most.

The choice of a school for your kid is important to shaping his or her later years in life. Rocketship Education is most definitely one of the few choices that offer a total development of the kids. Control the education and moral development of your kids by enrolling them to any Rocketship Educational charted school near you.