Present Day Regional Banking 101

Banking is one of the most professional, profitable and fascinating industries of today. This industry is loaded thanks to the thousands of financial institutions that cover this great nation. These institutions come in the form of national banks, regional banks and credit unions. Present day banking outperforms banking of the past. This is simply because of the numerous amounts of technological features. As of today, banking can be done across an abundance of devices like computers, smartphones, tablets and laptops.

President and CEO John Holt, represented NexBank Capital to the fullest at the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference last year. The event is sponsored by the prestigious Texas Bankers Association, and it is a great way for banking personnel to share their perspectives in this community. Organic branching, strategic opportunities and any challenges that the community may be facing, was all discussed here. Holt served as a member of the “Perspectives on Competing by Innovation” panel. Individuals participating in the panel discussion got a chance to ask important questions as well as share their specific perspectives. The event was a success like it has been since its inception in 2011. This specific event is proof positive of the changes that are taking place in community banking, and it will only get stronger.

NexBank Capital has an estimated $6.4 billion in assets, and the bank is expanding by acquisitions. NexBank SSB, which is a division of NexBank, acquired College Savings Bank two years ago. This bank is located in Princeton, New Jersey, but it goes to show just how much NexBank is growing. Though this specific bank will retain its name, it will be under control of NexBank. Present day banking is being performed 24 hours a day and NexBank Capital is one of the leaders who are setting the tone.