Reviewing Jose Borghi’s Contribution to the Brazilian Ad Industry

Jose Borghi has created an enviable niche for himself by being one of the most accomplished executives in Brazil’s advertising industry. His illustrious career as an advertiser has seen him take part in the production of highly successful and popular campaigns such as Mammals Parmalat. Besides marketing clients’ products and services, Jose’s ads also seek to create public awareness as it is the case with Mammals Parmalat, which highlights the issue of wildlife conservation for more info: click here.

Mr. Borghi heads Mullen Lowe Brasil, which is considered by many to be Brazil’s go-to ad agency. The Presidente Prudente native had an unlikely entry into the advertising world. During his teenage years, he had the opportunity to accompany his sister to a theater to watch a performance produced by a Cannes Award-winning group. That’s when his interest in advertising developed. Jose studied marketing and advertising at Brazil’s premier institution of higher education, PUC Campinas.

After his undergraduate education, Jose worked at Standard Ogilvy, Talent, Leo Burnett, FBB, and DM9 DDB. He asserts that working at these firms was an eye opener because he not only honed his advertising skills, but also his management expertise since he rose from lowly positions into a top manager. He was also able to learn from the experience of notable advertising gurus, who enabled him to understand what it takes to succeed in the competitive industry.

Entrepreneurial Career

In 2001, Jose decided to venture out alongside Erh Ray and start their Jose Borghi advertising agency. That’s how Borghi Lowe came into existence. Owing to the networks that he had established during his employment, he was able to attract clients quickly.

This made Borghi Lowe highly successful within the first few years of its establishment. To make inroads into the international market, Borghi Lowe merged with Mullen Group to form Mullen Lowe Brasil. The firm has already partnered with major global corporations besides venturing into the international market.