Meet Barbara Stokes; CEO of Green House Structure, Alabama

Barbara is not an ordinary leader; she brings a lot to the table especially to Alabama Disaster relief Construction Company. Barbara started her journey to success by broadening his knowledge at Mercer University. She studied physics and biomedical engineering and graduated in 2001. During her time in college, she also studied other additional courses. They include technical communication, Thermodynamics, manufacturing, and management. Barbara started to work at booing and Pisces Corporation where she gained vast experienced in government contracting.

Currently, Barbara Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC, or GSH. This is a company that deals with disaster relief construction. It was founded in 2008 by Scott Stokes and Barbara Stokes. It is based in Huntsville, Alabama. The company’s primary goal is to offer a range of solution to either government sectors or private-based clients. This involves designing, building delivering and offering onsite of mobile, residential and commercial structures. It focuses on using unique techniques to bring out the best in their work. This includes state-of-the-art, engineering techniques, proprietary design, and manufacturing techniques. With over 30 years experience in disaster management, Barbara and his team have brought proven leadership to destruction relief industry through GSH. Read more at Business Insider.

Recently, GSH leaders announced to have created new job opportunities that are located in eight different states. This includes North Carolina, Minnesota, Texas, Alabama, Virginia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Florida. Most of the jobs are in the manufacturing industry. Creation of these posts was highly enabled by the contract awarded by FEMA to GSH of Alabama. It was worth $28.5 million. According to Barbara Stokes, the investments made in the eight states are very exciting. The company aim to focuses on directly and indirectly accelerating the rate of job growth in the eight states. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara vast experience in disaster management has extensively impacted in enhancing great leadership to GSH. Her signature accomplishment includes leading prominent organizations in the relief construction. Also, a lot of contracting activities have been accomplished under her leadership. When Barbara is not working at GSH, she likes to volunteer her services to the community of Huntsville. Also; Barbara is a mother of three children and loves to spend time with them.


Oncotarget And The Development of Thyroid Cancer Cures

There are many articles today that you can read about Oncotarget, but many of them could probably be just write-ups that have nothing really good to say. Most of these articles are written by fledgling writers who are paid to do so.

In this article, we will address that and solve the issue by only offering you what we think you really need. We want to offer you the essentials. We want only to offer you the things that will be useful to you. How? Just read below for more of the info. Listen to Oncotarget podcast on Player.FM.

The Latest Report From ResearchGate

There are so many things happening in the research efforts of Oncotarget, but one of the latest and most updated things today would be the one about FOX06.

In the ResearchGate website, it is reported that one one of the many factors that contribute to FOXO genes and to carcinogenesis in the breast would have a lot to do with FOX06, which are the basic transcriptional factors in mammals.

There’s a lot of statistical analysis brought about by the study, and one of them would involve the role of FOXO family in understanding the roots of breast cancer. It is also in the research from ResearchGate about Oncotarget that you can read about the expression of breast cell lines and breast tumors in the human body. Listen to Oncotarget podcast on Stitcher.

Oncotarget’s Research on Thyroid Cancer

Other than the discussion on the role of FOXO gene expression, you may probably already heard about the involvement of Oncotarget in finding new therapies for thyroid cancer.

This new set of therapies from Oncotarget was reported from Eureka Alert, and in the report, it is shown through a Harvard Medical School report that an FDA-approved drug called palbociclib has been used as a breast cancer therapy for those who want to have better options. Cancer patients who need a respite from the drugs they’re taking that have been proven ineffective can see a lot of good from this new introduction presented by Oncotarget.

That said, there are so many things that can still be expected in thyroid cancer therapy, and it’s good to know that we have Oncotarget who will feature each and every one of them.


End Citizens United Campaigns For Jay Hulings

There is no season of goodwill in politics and End Citizens United are determined to show this by endorsing the candidates they hope will overcome the problems seen in the use of major funding for political groups across the nation taking advantage of the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court in 2010. In 2016, End Citizens United decided the Democratic Party was more representative of the ideals the political action committee stands for in limiting the influence of billionaire donors to the various causes these individuals hope to implement for their own good in the future.

The names of 20 of the biggest recipients of major donors funding were revealed at the start of December 2017 by End Citizens United who has vowed to financially back many of those who are named on the list including conservative heavyweights Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz. The two leaders of the Republican Party are joined on the list by Texan Representative Will Hurd who is facing a battle with the End Citizens United endorsed Jay Hulings as he takes on a politician backed by a number of special interest groups and billionaire donors. The fact Congressman Hurd also voted for the 2017 Tax Reform Bill has only added to the desire of End Citizens United to aid in the electoral defeat of the Texan conservative.

One of the main reasons for the endorsement of Jay Hulings is his history as a federal prosecutor renowned for battling against corruption and major corporations attempting to have an influence on the political future of the Lone Star state. As part of the naming of the “Big Money 20”, End Citizens United vowed to continue to fight against the continuing decision by the conservatives named to put the needs of special interest groups ahead of those of the people of the state.

End Citizens United President, Tiffany Muller revealed Jay Hulings has spent a large part of his career looking to end the special interests of many of the politicians of the state who are not looking to develop the needs of the people of the state. Around 2,000 members of the End Citizens United group have been contacted to assist in building a better future for the people of the state by adding to the campaign fund for the Democrat who is hoping to aid in reversing the Citizens United decision.

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The Real Estate Defined With Boraie Development

A New Jersey firm has initiated a housing project in Atlantic City. During the recession, Atlantic City was arguably one of the worst hit crippling growth. This led to a deterioration of the gaming industry immensely. However, on a more positive side is the fact that this move paved the way for more real estate projects to thrive.

According to Patch, the project is set to be complete by summer by Boraie Development. Named The Beach at South Inlet, the project will have a total of 250 units. The complex is worth an approximate of $81 million. This is a project which will see the city have the first market-rate housing project in the last 25 years.

Its location is centrally positioned as it will be surrounded by Pacific, Connecticut, Atlantic and New Jersey Avenues. Some of the exceptional social amenities will include a gym, an indoor residential lounge, and a swimming pool.

The city is set to continue growing as more structures come up. The President at Boraie Development, Sam Boraie is convinced that urban housing is what the newer generation of clients prefers. The Beach at South Inlet is bound to serve a larger population of people who work in Atlantic City.

Research has been done, and a discovery made; that over 50% of the houses in the city are more than 40 years old. This project is one that will bring a modern touch to the city and open up its growth potential. With such a move, Atlantic City is poised for more developments in the industry as more firms will come up with mega projects.

Based in New Jersey, Boraie Development specializes in the real estate industry. When starting out in, the company began planning on how to develop New Brunswick. They have been in business for over four decades. The company started by buying vacant, forsaken building in Albany Street which they later developed into the Albany Street Plaza Tower One which comprised of office spaces. Later on, they built Tower Two adjacent to the previous tower.

As a bid to grow the town, Boraie Development built the One Spring Street Condominium which was 25 stories. One of the key features was the 400-space parking garage and outdoor space which was suitable for a barbecue. The company’s head is Omar Boraie, seconded by Wasseem who is the vice president. Omar believes that luxury apartments are what will keep the town growing. Check out his website

Dr. Mark Holterman is a Hero in So Many More Ways than One

Dr. Mark Holterman has made a major impact in the pediatrics medical field. So much so that he has been deemed a child hero by many. In 2011 he began working as a professor at a university. In addition, he is employed as a surgeon by the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. He has been a licensed surgeon for more than 20 years.

Though his professional achievements are astounding he is called a hero for more than just being a pediatric surgeon. He is a passionate philanthropist who is involved in several charitable organizations. He is heavily involved with the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). On top of that he is a member of the ADA (American Diabetes Association), a non-profit organization to the advancement of diabetic research. Read more about his interview at

Holterman is also involved in the research of regenerative cell therapies. In fact, he is the co-founder of the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies (AACT). He is also credited as one of the founders of Hannah Sunshine Foundation. The foundation, like many others Holterman has his hands in, is a non-profit. It focuses on the research and use of regenerative cell therapies for children with rare diseases.


For his work Holterman has received much recognition and praise for a variety of achievements. He was one of the lead surgeons in a procedure that successfully transplanted a trachea into a 2 1/2 year old Korean child. Many people agree that he is one of the best doctors in the U.S.

Dr. Mark Holterman is the gold standard in his profession. His professional credentials should inspire others to lend a helping hand to their fellow man. Not only is he a great physician but he is even more amazing for his humanitarian efforts. Showing he has a true desire to help others in need. The world needs more heroes like him. Read more Q&A at with Dr. Mark Holreman.

Glen Wakeman: A Successful Financial Executive

Glen Wakeman is a successful entrepreneur and businessman, and he is most-well known for giving encouragement and mentoring to those who would like to follow his path. He is known to work with several startup companies, helping them to become successful. He also established several financial companies, including LaunchPad Holdings LLC, which was founded in 2015. Glen Wakeman received a master’s degree in Finance and a bachelor’s degree in Economics when he finished his studies. After graduating, Glen Wakeman decided to work with several financial companies including GE Capital, and he is also one of the founders of a company named Nova Four. He was appointed to work with several departments, and he worked hard in order to be promoted until he became either the company’s president, CEO, or a member of the board of directors. Learn more about Glen Wakeman at Crunchbase.

Because of his experiences in the world of finance, Glen Wakeman decided to share what he knew to the public to help them become financially literate and to prevent the people from investing in investments that would only result in losses. He decided to share a 5 step rule for analyzing the risk in investment and doing business, and these methods that he wrote down was published as a book and it managed to inspire those who are being challenged by the complexity of the financial world. His unique strategies and methodologies helped businesspeople and entrepreneurs around the world, and it pointef them to invest in a varitety of market types, inlcuding emerging markets and global trading. The reputation and the recognition that Glen Wakeman developed over the years can only be contented by a few executives. He is one of the most sought after executives in the industey because of his expertise, knowledge, and skills. Visit to know more about Glen Wakeman.

Glen Wakeman is also active in participating in conferences and conventions that are promoting innovative business ideas and opportunities that would transform the industry. He is also planning to expand his businesses overseas, which is why he keeps on traveling abroad to talk with entrepreneurs and businesspeople, and while he is at it, he would share his ideas as to how the innovative ideas of his company can change the global financial industry.

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Let’s all have a drink with Eli Gershkovitch

Craft beer is every bit as popular in Canada as it is in the States. In fact, it is among the most popular alcoholic drinks in the country, making over $9 billion in annual sales! The tasty craft beverages have even made their way to the States. Will you try some Canadian craft beer?

Canadian craft beer comes in many different tasteful and unique flavors. Here is just a couple examples of the varieties for Canadian craft: one popular beer is the Propeller IPA. This beer has been a three time World Beer Championship gold winner! Known for its strong primal flavor and smooth finish. If you have something more unique in mind maybe you would enjoy how a blueberry ale tastes. Known for its blueberry taste and still maintains it’s beer flavor. Whatever your taste buds may scream for Canadian craft beer variations are sure to have something to quench your thirst. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Affiliate Dork.

Eli Gershkovitch holds several different hats in his lap, he was once a lawyer he even has his pilots license and most recently he became Owner and CEO of Steamworks Brewery. It is rumored the he is not your typical CEO; he dresses openly and freely and acts laid back and as if he was an average working class man. The year 1995 was blissful for Eli because he founded his brewery in Gastown, Vancouver. Eli uses his brewery profits to invest more into his collection of classic cars.

Eli is a lawyer by profession but he got side tracked into the brewery world by some of his clients that needed his help getting their liquor licenses. After developing an eye for the beer industry he traveled to the French Alps for a skiing and art classes this is where Eli Gershkovitch had his first Belgium beer. The turning point and huge decider for Eli was the time when he took a trip to Heidelberg, Germany, while he was there he visited a microbrewery. Eli says that a good habit to have for being a productive entrepreneur is that he is an avid reader, and researcher. Eli claims he’s always curious and thrives on learning new things. Learn more about Eli at

Eli has spent almost 21 years in the beer industry. He was born on July 4th, in Germany and always had dreams of flying. This pushed Eli to get his pilot license in 1993 and he flew from Vancouver to Europe with his Cessna 182. Eli’s favorite motto is “You grow to meet demand or demand will shrink to meet you.”


How Eco-Friendly Waiakea Water Succeeded in a Highly Competitive Industry

For most emerging companies, the bottled water market is a highly competitive industry to enter. Some people wonder why they should pay for a beverage that they could essentially get for free from their own taps. The answer could lie in the quality of the water being sold, such as in the case of the Waiakea brand of bottled water. Eco-friendly Waiakea water gets its high state of purity from where it is sourced. Coming from the main island of Hawaii, the water retains its pure state as it passes through several layers of natural volcanic rock. Visit BevNet to know more.

The pure state of the water used for the Waiakea brand is not the only Eco-friendly aspect it has. While the company does take an active stand on preserving the ecosystems of the surrounding environment by using water that comes from a renewable source, they also work hard to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up as waste material in landfills. They do this by using recycled plastic for their bottles, which in turn is also created to be fully recyclable.

The founder of Waiakea water, Ryan Emmons, knew he had to have a competitive edge in order to succeed in the bottled water industry. At 22 years of age, Mr. Emmons believed in the quality of the water he was sourcing as well as in the need to create a product that was linked to social and environmental consciousness. He accomplished this by promoting the positive aspects of the water itself, which included several beneficial health properties due to the added enhancement of natural minerals.

The Waiakea Water also gained attention when the company chose to use a manufacturing process that helped reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. The continuing efforts of the team behind this brand to preserve the natural resources on the planet can also be seen in their goal of using a fully degradable plastic for their bottles within the upcoming year. With so many positive aspects associated with this Eco-friendly brand, it is little wonder how they managed to attain an annual growth rate of 170 percent. Read more about Waiakea Water on

Louis Chenevert, Expert in the Aerospace Business

Louis career life has been associated with successful leadership and each company he joined experienced his presence. His journey began at the General motors where he served for 14 years as the Production General Manager. He gained a lot of experience while at the company and later left for Pratt & Whitney in1993. Read more at

After working for Pratt & Whitney for six years, Louis Chenevert was elected as this Canadian’s engine business president. The promotion occurred at a time when the company was performing poorly but he was able to make it stand.

Seven years later after working for Pratt & Whitney, Louis Chenevert was promoted to be the CEO of UTC, the parent company of Pratt & Whitney. His tactic of working left the company thriving despite of the postwar era that led to the fall of many companies.

In his tenure at United Technologies Corporation (UTC ), Louis Chenevert managed to maintain the working location at Connecticut despite of it being expensive to run a business in. he did not practice the then ongoing outsourcing of employees to reduce cost nor lay off employees as a result of postwar impact. Instead, he took the best aerospace engineers from Connecticut so as to apply high skills on the company’s commercial and military contracts. Read more about Louis at

Since UTC carried out several businesses, he was able to guide it on how to balance its portfolio in markets that had diversity of users. The company was able to create new products as a result of high returns and revenues that were developed through different stages. The company was able to benefit from every stage of product development and there was an increase in the general business turnover.

In 2011/12, he served as the vice-chairman in the Business Council for the Executive Committee. Louis resigned as the CEO of the UTC in December 2018. He later became the Exclusive Advisor in the banking Division of the Goldman Sachs Merchant in September 2015. He currently works in this position, seeking opportunities in the aerospace and industrial sectors for the company as these are the areas where his passion lies. Louis also extends his advice to other businesses that are not in the industrial and aerospace sectors.

Jorge Moll Discusses the Role of Technology in Medicine

In a recent interview, Jorge Moll went into detail about the important role technology plays in medicine. He said that the integration of technology into medicine was a global trend. Today it is hard to discuss advances in medicine without discussing the crucial role technology has played. He singled out the advances made in Silicon Valley and neighboring areas of Northern California. The advances made there in digital technology have found their way into modern medicine and opened new frontiers. Learn more about Jorge on ideamenschcom.

He also talked about Dr. Albert Chan, who is the VP in charge of innovation at Sutter Health, which is the second biggest healthcare network in the US. Dr. Chan came to Brazil with the aim of advancing the role of technology in medicine.

Jorge Moll said the doctor came into the country to discuss the major trends in medical technology. He said that the lectures given by Doctor Chan showed that technology could have a major impact on how patients are cared for when they visit a hospital. For instance, imagine if a doctor could retrieve all of a patient’s information using one voice command. A good example of the use of voice command technology was Google Glass. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

He said the technology could help to ensure more efficient and humanized interaction between patients and doctors. It would also ensure that the doctor could fully focus on the patient as he or she did not have to spend time trying to pour over large quantities of files or taking notes.

At the end of a consultation, the doctor could collect and store all information remotely. This information could be accessed with ease by a specialist, which would enable more productivity in the medical industry.

The use of smartphones and tablets has also grown a lot in recent years. There are now applications that let users access their medical history and make appointments online without the need to use a call center.

Such innovations would only continue to grow and would become an integral part of how medical care was disseminated in the future. This would continue further even into medical research and how medicine is taught.