Call Loved Ones Behind Bar For Free

Incarceration can be a difficult time both for inmates and for the families of inmates alike. If you’re like me, you understand the high costs one must pay to talk to loved ones behind bars. Naturally, I looked for the best deal I could find for calling my family behind bars. Looking around I was able to find Securus Technology, a company with a long record of giving ways to talk to loved ones on the outside. Not only are phone calls cheap when you call with Securus, phone calls are actually free.


With its headquarters in Dallas, Securus Technology leads the way in communication for the incarceration. Can’t make it down to the correctional facility holding your family member? You can now use the new video call feature from Securus Technology. Just like Facetime or Skype, you’ll be able to to talk to them face to face as if you were actually there. Thanks to these video visitation systems, I’ve been able to reach out to incarcerated family with no problem. It’s a fast, simple and easy way to reach out to family with no problem. I have nothing but positive things to say about Securus Technology and their free call service.


Don Ressler, The Visionary Thinker of JustFab And Fabletics

Given the ongoing popularity of Fabletics, one can readily assume that current Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Don Ressler, knows a thing or two about running a successful enterprise. More than assume, it’s apparent because Ressler has spent the majority of his life, dabbling in entrepreneurship.

Early on, Don Ressler possessed an overwhelming interest in eCommerce. He would later combined this interest with a love of fitness and opened his very first online venture, Building upon the triumph of his health and fitness portal, Ressler quickly formed another company with a very young, talented 19-year-old gamer. This teenager, Adam Goldenberg would become the (COO) of the newly formed, Intermix Media. In 2005, after generating millions of dollars of revenue from eCommerce profitability, Intermix was sold to the larger conglomerate, News Corp. The two left the company shortly afterwards, due to News Corp failure to continue building Intermix’s profit model.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg quietly and efficiently built another successful business, this one bigger and better than Intermix. In 2012, the new company, Intelligent Beauty, was on pace to reaching the half billion dollar sales mark; without a great deal of brand recognition.

In 2013, the co-founders of Intermix Media and Intelligent Beauty joined forces with actress, Kate Hudson to form an athletic sportswear company that looked to fill the gap between luxury brands and affordability. Fabletics is a partnership brand, which is combined with the company, JustFab. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler retain equal billing at the helm of the companies as co-CEOs. Fabletics is an alternative brand for active women, who want to look “fabulous” but can’t afford brands such as Nike or Lululemon.

Ressler’s other company duties, include co-CEO of JustFab. Inc. with Adam Goldenberg. In an August 16, 2016 press release, the company announced a name change to TechStyle Fashion Group. Prior to this announcement, JustFab was a lifestyle brand, with several key persons linked to its success.

There are a portfolio of companies, which includes Fabletics, JustFab (TechStyle Fashion Group) FabKids and Shoe Dazzle. In a statement that accompanied the name change, Goldenberg was quoted as saying, “Our new corporate identity captures the essence of what JustFab has become- where Fashion Avenue meets Silicon Valley.” The changes at JustFab were under wraps for some time, with the evidence coming prior to the announcement, with the hiring of Shawn Gold for a freshly unveiled position, corporate marketing officer. See:

Online Reputation Management: The Power Of Social Media

If there is anything that could be said about social media, it is a very powerful tool for online reputation management. Therefore, it is important that one uses social media in order to market his business and manage his own social media account. For one thing, the amount of users on social media are in the billions range. Therefore, it is very important for one to make sure that he is presenting a good social media image of his business. This will make sure that he is establishing his brand as a trustworthy brand.
While search engines remain as the main way to get sales, social media is very helpful in spreading awareness. For one thing, more people use social media at a time than search engines. However, social media actually has a lot of influence on the ranking of a business. Also, social media is also very helpful when as a link. For instance, the official website may not appear on the front page of the account, but the social media profile of the business or the business owner with a link to the actual website may appear on the front page of the search results.

In order to handle social media, it is important to make sure an account is set up. One of the important things to do is fill out a profile as completely as possible. Also, a picture is helpful so that people will know that the account is legitimate. While some people may just keep an avatar for personal reasons, it is a better idea to upload some kind of photo in order solidify the account. Once the account is set up, then one could reach out to others and gain followers and fans so that he will have a means to generate revenue from his business


Why Hire an Online Reputation Management Company

The internet has completely changed the way people perceive each other. Both businesses and individuals now have more information about them online than every before. This is a blessing and a curse. The pros of this are that more people than ever can access information about a business and decide whether or not they want to use it. The con of this situation is that anyone can put any information online that they want with almost no way to stop them.

If you are looking for a job, it is very important to manage your reputation online. Prospective employers are going to go through all of your social media accounts any anything else that might be posted about you online to decide whether or not they want to hire you. One way to help mitigate this circumstance is to hire an online reputation management company. These companies are great for both building your brand’s image and also preventing negative public relations situations.

Reputation Management Fixers is one of the premier reputation management services available to clients today. They know what to do when it comes to taking care of negative comments and reviews about your business. They can also work on your social media presence in order to help your brand become more visible and have a more positive aura around it.

You can use Reputation Management Fixers whether you are a business or an individual. It obviously important to businesses because of the reasons that were mentioned above. The thing about internet reviews is that just anyone can get online and give a review about your company. Some people go online and give companies unjustly negative reviews about the company. A good reputation management company will be able to discern which ones are deserved and manage crisis communication as well as determining which ones are not deserved. They can move to have them filtered based on that information and even push down negative search results.

Individuals can use them to help clean up their social media accounts. This can help them if they are in the middle of a job search. A bad picture on Facebook from 10 years ago should not affect the way that companies view you when they are deciding whether or not to hire you.

Livio Bisterzo Taking over the Health Snack Food Market

Nowadays, people are very careful about what goes into their bodies even when it comes to the little things like snacks. Green Park Brands set out to do just that with their latest products, Hippeas. The snack contains organic chickpea puffs that are meant to provide a healthy option. Livio Bisterzo, the CEO of Green Park Brands, said that the product is intended to take advantage of the gap that the snack food market left open. By creating Hippeas, the company puts an affordable and superior quality product on the market.

Healthy Snacking

Hippeas gives consumers a snack that is not only organic but gluten-free, Kosher, and vegan as well. Green Park Brands wanted to offer a product that would meet the health standards off the millennial consumer. The calories content in a small pack does not exceed 91 while a large one has 455. Hippeas has been made available in a number of options on The Pepper Power contains pepper and sea salt, rosemary, thyme, and oregano in the Herbs We Trust. Sweet & Smokin has onion, smoked sea salt, and paprika spice then there is the Far Out Fajita with cumin, chili, and paprika.

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Livio Bisterzo’s Food Innovation

The newest product from Green Park Brands is doing quite well with only a few months on the market. Holland & Barrett, Boots, and Starbucks are some of the retail partners that the company is working with to bring Hippeas to the everyday consumer. Livio Bisterzo explains that the company opted to go with chickpeas because; as much as they wanted to provide a “socially conscious snack”, they didn’t want it to be something people were not used to. Bisterzo started working on Hippeas in 2015, but he has been in the health and nutrition sector for over seven years. The Italian entrepreneur started out in marketing and has been quite successful in establishing innovative products. With the creation of Green Park Brands in 2015, he aimed to provide products that are “Better for you” that maximize social impact.

Taste Good, Do Good

With Hippeas as its first products, Green Park Brands is steadily rising the ranks in the natural health food sector. The food innovation enterprise is staying true to its social mission by using products from farmers in Africa. Livio Bisterzo believes in giving back; hence, the mantra of the Hippeas brand, “Peas, Love and Giving Back.” Green Park Brands believes in changing the world from the ground up, “chickpea by chickpea” and supports that stand through its partnership with Farm Africa. The company will donate to the initiative for every pack of Hippeas sold to help farmers in Eastern Africa.

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Sanjay Shah: All About Giving Back

In today’s world, we need more people that are ready, willing, and able to give back. To them, it comes as second nature and they don’t even think twice about it. They just do it, no questions asked. That is the kind of man that Sanjay Shah Denmark is along with his wife Usha. They are definitely a power couple and as the old expression goes, behind every great man, there is a great woman. They work together as one to get the best results and they are getting results with Autism Rocks, which started back in 2014 and has raised over £600,000. Every year, however, it gets bigger and better and more people are talking about it and the word is spreading that.

When it comes to this event, they have even had such big names as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè and Drake in London and Dubai. It is always a great thing when celebrities use their power for good and take time out of their busy schedules to give back and look out for others. Celebrities oftentimes don’t realize the power they have to make a real difference and a real impact. It is out there for them as all people really need from them is their time.

At this year’s event, Flo Rida and Tyga will be performing and it promises to be a huge event with a lot of buzz and a lot of people talking. They want to get the conversation goes when it comes to autism and raise as much information and awareness as possible. When you get good conversation going, anything is truly possible out there, as people can start to learn more about it, how it affects children, and how it affects the day-to-day lives of the parents that live with autistic children. Everyone can stick together like a big happy family and help each other out.

You have to remember that Sanjay and his wife have a child with autism, so they know all about it. They can relate to people that have children with autism and they can help. They can guide them, show them techniques that have helped them, and even be a listening ear. At the end of the day, the more people that stick together, fight for each other, and help each other out, the easier things will be for everyone in the long run. There is no shame in asking for help.


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Securus Encourages Inmate Communications to Remain Accountable for their Actions

Securus is an inmate communications company that has been in business for many years. This organization provides video call technology and communications systems for prisons and law enforcement agencies all over the country. Recently, I just found out that this company has been advocating for fair and decent practices within their industry.

I never knew this but when it comes to inmate communications, it is very easy to rip-off prisoners and their families. Yes, it is true that video calls provide a fairly easy way for inmates to call their families; but some companies charge outstanding rates for this service.

The fact is that inmate calls only work because they are important for the prison industry as a whole. I know from personal experience that when inmates stay connected with their loved ones; they often serve out their sentences with the least amount of problems.

Ultimately, the reason why Securus offers inmate calls is to help to reduce the recidivism rate for inmates. The company wants prisoners to stay out of jail once they leave.

Other companies who offer communications systems for prisoners agree with Securus. They make it a point to charge fair and reasonable rates for their service. I am glad to see the industry as a whole come together on this issue. Ultimately, Securus is encouraging various companies to remain ethical for the sake of their industry as a whole; and everyone agrees with what they have to say.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Philip Diehl Discusses the U.S. Mint and His Current Work With U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve is a trusted source of silver, gold and platinum products issue by the U.S. Government. They have been in business since 2001 and are the largest private distributor of these products in the world. The company is known not for just the quality products they offer, but the advice and expert customer service they provide to all of their clients. Recently, the President of the US Money Reserve spoke about the company and its future. Philip Diehl is the former director of the U.S. Mint and a coin expert, blogger and writer who frequently contributes content to the Money Reserve blog and other financial websites and publications.

As the 35th director of the US. Mint Diehl was the brainchild behind the quarter program that gave each of the 50 states their own unique design. Diehl discussed this venture in a recent US Money Reserve Podcast. He described this and the development of the first platinum coin issued by the U.S. Mint as the moment when the U.S. Mint finally modernized and become an entrepreneurial business.

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US Money Reserve |

It was this type of business-minded decision making that made Diehl and obvious match as the President of the U.S. Money Reserve. Customer satisfaction was important to Diehl at the U.S. Mint and was why the department worked so diligently to create designs the people of each state would approve of and love. That same dedication to customer service has always been vital to the U.S. Money Reserve and is what drives Diehl as he oversees new projects. An example is their new IRA program that allows customers to hold gold on their retirement accounts. The customers feel secure about the quality of the precious metals they purchase because they are legal tender and backed by the U.S. government.

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Why Mary Pirrello is a Major Player in The Financial Services Industry

One of NexBanks’s senior executives, Mary Pirrello, was recently appointed Texas Mortgage Bankers Association’s President. Ms. Pirrello is a senior vice president at NexBank, where she is also in charge of the bank’s warehouse lending division. She will serve as the association’s president for one year. This is a high profile appointment, which clearly shows how NexBank has become a force to reckon with, not only in Texas but also the entire country.

NexBank’s Mary Pirrello Appointed President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

Ms. Pirello officially assumed office at TMBA on 3rd May 2016. Her appointment is not surprising since she has distinguished herself as a top female banker. Her experience in the industry spans more than two decades. During this time, she has occupied numerous executive roles in large banks. 

Pirrello’s association with TMBA can be traced back to 2007. For nine years, she has served on the organization’s executive committee. She has similarly been involved in the operations of large organizations such as the National Mortgage Bankers Association. She is a premier mortgage banker with a hands-on approach to matters affecting the industry. Her dedication saw her receive the prestigious James Wooten Scholarship award in 2010. TMBA has been in existence since for nearly 100 years. Its purpose has been the promotion of the real estate financing and mortgage banking industry in Texas.

About NexBank Capital Inc.

This is a Dallas based mortgage financing company. It similarly provides commercial banking, correspondent banking, credit services and treasury management services to clients throughout the United States. The bank has registered impressive growth in profit since its incorporation. This is mainly attributed to strong leadership and innovation. NexBank is credited for pioneering online banking services. Its asset portfolio is valued at more than 2.8 billion dollars.

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The Life and Career of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of the Swiss Start Up Factory. The mission of the Swiss Start Up Factory is to take companies that are starting up and providing the support to help them become global companies that provide products, disrupt the prevailing norms, and the business models. The Vision of the company has two different parts, the first is that they want to start a startup accelerator program that would eventually be part of the global gold standard for all of the other accelerator programs. And the second part of the vision is that they be able to provide and support any new startups with the services that they need to be successful, they called this the 360 startup service.

Before his time at the Swiss Start Up Factory, he worked as a banker at Clariden and Sallfort, and is the founder of SSUF with the purpose of supporting young entrepreneurs that were specializing in digital technology. Mike Baur’s firm works hand-in-had with Geneva-based fintech-accelerator Fusion. Mike Baur has had 20 years of experience within the Swiss banking industry and is also responsible for financing and fundraising rounds with the Swiss Start-up Factory.

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Mike Baur: Co-Founder & Managing Partner Zurich

In Mike Baur’s early life, his home was in Fribourg in the Switzerland region to which he has remained strongly connected. Even as a teenager, Baur was already fascinated in the subjects of Financing and Banking. Because of this, it came as a great satisfaction that he was able to turn his early passion into his profession. He had spent almost 20 years within the Swiss Private Banking, and he has made his way from a commercial apprentice for UBS, to a executive board member with a large Swiss Private Bank. At the age of 39 in 2014, as he began his entrepreneurial journey, and along with two partners, founded the Swiss Start-up Factory, which has become the number 1 independent and privately financed the ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland.

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