WEN for Cleansing

Try WEN's Hair Cleansing ConditionerAre you interested in having the best hair around? Then try a cleansing conditioner instead of using two separate bottles on your hair. You’ll love how you can easily make your hair look better by paying attention to each separate strand, and you’ll also love how simple it is to make sure you have the best, most affordable hair care on the planet.

Using just one bottle of hair care product—in this case, cleansing conditioner–can help you save money, too, for your hair care will only cost a fraction of what it would if you bought two bottles of shampoo and conditioner. It’s an easy budget saving thing to change, no?

So, if you need a place to start, take a look at WEN’s all-natural hair care products. You’ll find different cleansing conditioners, including a fabulous almond variety, and you’ll also find other products that you’ll be able to afford when you realize how much money you’re saving. Created by stylist Chaz Dean, WEN hair care has been in business for years, making products that save money and time.

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If you need to find WEN online, it’s easy to do, and you’ll love how much you can save when you buy directly from their website. You can also buy their products at your local retailer. You’ll appreciate how easy they are to find, and you’ll want to keep buying them every month for your hair. So, why wait?

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Keith Mann: Hopeful For The Future

While there might be a lot of people out there that are down on the way things are right now and down on the future, Keith Mann is not one of them. He is optimistic and he sees things changing in a positive direction. He believes in the overall good in people and because of that, he wants to do all that he can to help them, be there for them, and show them the way. That is why he is teaming up with Uncommon Schools. This is something that means a great deal to him, as it should anyone that has a kid in school or cares about education.


With jobs being hard to come by in today’s day and age, they need that degree and they need that education. That can be incredibly difficult if they can’t even get into college in the first place because of money reasons. Keith Mann has talked about all things being fair and having a level playing field. When that happens, great things can come out of it. That is why he is holding fundraisers for the Uncommon School Districts and these Fundraisers are  raising over 22 thousand dollars, which goes a long way in terms of helping out these kids.


One of the things it really does is it goes to show the youth, the kids, and their parents that someone is out there looking out for them and someone is out there fighting for them. That is a tremendous confidence booster. In life, oftentimes people are scared to ask for help or perhaps too prideful. They think they can do something on their own and they don’t want any help. That stops them dead in their tracks. That is why Keith Mann is not forcing them to ask for help or pushing his help on them.


Mann knows that it is out there and once it is out there, they will take advantage of it to the fullest. He has gotten the ball rolling, which is an important step in terms of getting things going in the right direction for the future of this country and the world.

HANDY’s Home Cleaning is Innovative

Handy, a popular New-York-based home cleaning service, is an unusual idea that skyrocketed its sales to amazing levels. In addition to passing $1 million each week in job bookings by March of 2014, the company began clocking around 100,000 bookings each month.

Co-founders Oisin Hanrahan, now CEO, and Umang Dua, now COO, met as classmates at Harvard Business School. They had the idea for Handy when they shared an apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a third roommate talked about being a tidy person.

They wondered how they could make use of the new smart phones. They came up with an on-demand cleaning service where customers could order common household services such as cleaning and handyman chores. High-quality independent professionals doing the work could make an average of more than $17.00 an hour using the Handy.com platform and have the flexibility of when they wanted to work.

In November 2015, the company closed on a $50 million Series C venture capital funding. That brought relief as an additional financial cushion, but it was still stressful when meetings with potential investors had produced conversations about whether there would be future funding for such businesses as there were many companies struggling to raise capital in a rapidly-chilling funding climate.

Hanrahan and Dua are still faced with huge monthly expenses in their 28 markets and have had pitfalls such as canceling thousands of bookings when demand outstripped the number of available employees, which generated unwanted customer complaints.

The men have the difficult task of figuring how to build up a profitable company while keeping investors happy at the same time when growth is now not the crucial startup metric and there is now a stronger focus on profits. When funding for private companies had broken records in 2014 and 2015, startups spent ruthlessly.

It is hard work to shift to profit mode from the market penetration and growth that had been the most important valuation barometer and there was no expense spared to continue that rising.


Handy Offers House Cleaning in Their Convenient Ap

There are not many things that are more convenient than an application that can be used on the phone. Handy knows this and, for that reason, they decided to make their business an app for people who are already looking for even more convenience in their lives. This has allowed Handy to help house cleaners, homeowners and themselves be successful in the process. The Handy app is truly revolutionary in the way that it works to connect people who need services and people who provide services to those who need to be able to have the services.

Handy works for homeowners by making sure that they can find someone to do home cleaning for them when they are in search of a house cleaner. The site allows homeowners to simply create an account and log in to see who is available for them to clean homes. This means that they are able to see a convenient list of people who have been screened and who can clean their home. This is something that is much easier than anything else that is available on the web for people who are looking for a house cleaner or for other home services in their area.

House cleaners often struggle with finding clients. They usually don’t have the leads that they need and they must rely on other services to find people who they can clean the homes of. This can be complicated and, sometimes, unsafe. Handy helps to create a safe environment for house cleaners to find clients. If they are uncomfortable with someone who is asking for services, they can simply turn them down or block them on the app without worrying about revealing their true identity. This is the ultimate in anonymity for people who want to be safe about cleaning houses.

Onthesceneny.com says that when it comes to the app, things are only going to get better for it. The app has seen a lot of success in the past and they know that they will continue to see it if they keep doing things the right way. They are able to have a lot of growth in the future. While they have seen one million bookings a week with just house cleaning services, they plan to take it even further than where they have. They want to include other services for people who own homes and need professional or services in the home.


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Securus Release Corrections To Global Tele Link Press Release

Recently Securus Technologies released an article to correct the supposed inaccuracies of Global Tele Link’s (GTL) series of current press releases. GTL is using these press releases to make accusations against Securus and the recent legal battle GTL is waging against some of Securus’ patent claims.


To counteract these negative press releases, Securus is writing articles highlighting the specific points that GTL has been cited in the press releases with an explanation for each point. The whole legal battle boils down to the belief that Securus has pirated video technology that GTL states is theirs (patent 816, plus a bunch of sub patents) and are waiting patent approval. The United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) as neither approved or denied these patents, the PTAB has just decided not to review any of the patents at this time.


So this begs the question as to how Securus Technologies are in violation of patent fraud when there are no existing patents? Besides Securus is very confident that their Video Visitation technology does not impede on any of the technologies that GTL is trying to patent. Securus’s article is very specific in addressing these supposed violations and I believe that Securus, as a company, would not be so forthcoming if they were at fault for any of the accusations.


In fact the Securus article voiced concern over GTL spending so much of their company’s money on pursuing these patent violation claims. Also included in the article is the status on the number of patents each company holds and those in process. If Securus does not have the patent for a piece of technology, they will seek out the patent owner and offer a partnership for the use of the patent.


Securus Technologies is one of the largest inmate communications companies in the country serving over 3400 facilities and 1,200,000 inmates.


Steps To Finding A Good Lawyer

Are you looking for a talented attorney in Brazil? Need to select a great business litigation law firm? Whether you’re facing a complex or challenging and difficult legal matter, or you desire to get guidance on business or corporate issue, it is important that you find a renowned and reliable adviser. A good legal practitioner will be sure that all legal requirements are taken care of, and will guide you in the right direction.

It is always advisable to locate a lawyer who has expertise in the practice area that your legal issue involves. For example, if your case involves malpractice law, you need a lawyer who focuses on malpractice law. If you are dealing with a bankruptcy case, you will need a lawyer who handles bankruptcy law cases. It is also a good idea to get a lawyer who is familiar with the courts and laws of the area where you are located. This will enable your lawyer to best represent your interests.

If your case involves business or corporate law, you will need a business or corporate law attorney. If you are looking to start a business, or get advice or representation regarding a business dispute, a business lawyer or corporate lawyer is your best choice. Select an attorney that handles business litigation or corporate litigation and one that suits your needs.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a Brazilian lawyer, is a highly rated lawyer that provides services for businesses, companies, professionals and private individuals such as investors and public figures. His clients come from all walks of life and are happy with the quality of service and outstanding outcomes they get.

Ricardo Tosto has over 22 years of business and corporate litigation experience, handling and working with a great number of clients and challenging business legal issues. Ricardo Tosto is an expert in business and corporate law and designing methods to provide efficient and solid resolutions for his clients. He will take the time to analyze your case and your situation and then formulate the right strategy to obtain the best possible resolution in the issue.

For more information please visit https://leitetostoinforma.wordpress.com/category/ricardo-tosto/

Online Reputation Management : Personal Branding

The landscape of the world wide web is a dangerous one if you are not careful. Branding has come to the forefront of every major business. Attributing a personality to a company or product feels more real and more personal.

What if you aren’t a business or product? What if you want your services or identity to reach the masses through online content? You can do the same thing. It’s a lot of work, but the pay off is worth it. Not only can you use branding, but you absolutely should.

The rewards of personal branding are through the roof. The risks, however, are also a present reality. When you choose the positives of personal online identities and branding, you also choose the negatives.

Customers and consumers now have access to what you’ve said and done online. They can take pieces of your internet past and put together a presumption of your character that doesn’t have to be true or entirely honest.

The catalyst for this behavior could be a mistake or a public action that you regret. It could be an event that a reader or watcher simply doesn’t understand and judges based on the action and not the steps taken to get there.

The actions that cannot be undone lead to reputation alteration. The work that you’ve put into your name and your profession can be taken away in an instant. How do you combat that kind of destruction? What are you options?

Personal branding essentially is reputation.

Online reputation management is an up and coming industry in itself. The ability to combat the kind of damage a handful of people can do is valuable and necessary. A lot of it has to do with the work that already goes into personal branding and content creation. It is just one more way to carefully present yourself to communities, websites, and groups.

You may have heard of it referred to as ORM or Rep Management. It is commonly used for companies or businesses, but if you are serious about the influence your name carries, it can work for you.


The Midas Legacy Has You Covered

If you went around and spoke to a number of people and asked them what they wanted out of life, most of them would tell you happiness, health, and wealth. There is actually a company out there that provides all three of those and that is The Midas Legacy and it is a legacy that is going to last forever. They are a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory. When it comes to happiness, quite frankly, that comes from having inner peace and knowing that someone is living life the way they have always dreamed about when they were kids. It is important not to get away from and not to forget that.

When someone is happy, everything else tends to fell into place. They don’t worry about little things and nothing gets under their skin. They are the type of person that does not have a bad day. Even if something bad happens to them or they fall into a bad situation, they still come up shining and smelling like a rose. It is because they are happy and they have the right attitude to go along with it. They look at problems and instead of complaining about it, they look for solutions.

That is where the Midas Legacy comes in, as people view them as life coaches. They are there for people to guide them, help them, and push them to be the best possible person they can be and one that smiles each and every day they get up out of bed. As the old expression goes, any day above ground is a good day. That is the Midas Legacy. They also help with wealth, which is something that a lot of people worry about, as they feel like they don’t have enough money right now and they won’t have enough money in the future. The Midas Legacy knows how to take care of that and handle it all.

It is what they are built on and they have experts that know the ins and outs of how this works and how this operates. They give sound advice and they never lead anybody astray. Someone can feel at ease and know they are using their money wisely and their money is going to last for a long time. That leads to health. When all of those are in place, there is no stress, which leads to health issues. The Midas Legacy has it covered!

Bruce Levenson Makes Significant Profit With His Sale Of The Hawks

The jewish businessman and philanthropist, Bruce Levenson, recently made the sale of the professional Atlanta basketball team, the Atlanta Hawks LLC. Bruce Levenson is the co-founder of the United Communications Group which he founded alongside Ed Peskowitz who was a longtime friend at the time back in 1977. The business started in Bruce Levenson’s basement of his apartment building where the 2 of them published their first article about the newest developments in the oil industry at the time. They called the publication Oil Express. This defined the direction the company would take in the future and has since grown into a massive empire of one of the biggest business information providers. According to Time.com, the company also provides the Oil Price Information Service which also links into the application that they launched on to the market which allowed user to search their local for the gas stations that offered the cheapest gas. The application was named GasBuddy and is a very big hit as it allows people to take advantage of the cheapest gas prices in their surrounding area.
The Atlanta Hawks were sold to billionaire cofounder of Ares Management, Mr. Tony Ressler who won the action with his offer of $730 million which was a lot less than the prediction made by bankers that Bruce Levenson hired to take over the sale of the team. They oversold the team by over a quarter of a billion than what was initially made. Experts believe this might have cost Bruce Levenson however he made a large profit on the sale anyway. Andrew Zimbalist from Smith College Sports was the only economist who predicted the actual sale value. He estimated it at $700-750 million which was the closest out of all.

Thor Halvorssen an Activist Opposed to Oppression

Thor Halvorssen, philanthropist, activist, magazine publisher, producer of documentaries, he is Venezuelan by birth and one of the most interesting characters on the political stage today. As an activist, he is opposed to oppression of any form and does not care from which side of the political spectrum it occurs.

He was and is opposed to the socialist government of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, and considers Che Guevarra and Fidel Castro as enemies. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: https://humanrightsfoundation.org/about/board-and-international-council/thor-halvorssen

From these leanings, it was only logical that he would represent the views of the right side of the political spectrum and that Fox News could use him as a hatchet man in an interview where he was expected to criticise Bernie Sanders as a socialist candidate running for President. Fox News was in for a shock.

Halvorssen explained that socialist governments are working around the globe, and it is only those socialist governments that limit individual freedom that he is opposed to.

The Fox interviewer lost control and credibility, and when Halvorssen admitted that he had given Sanders the largest legally allowable contribution, the interview made Halvorssen a favorite of the left wing.

Before this Fox debacle, The Weekly Standard, a conservative news magazine attempted to analyze this man by sending Matt Labash, a staff reporter, to do an in-depth interview.

After reading the article, we know what his sexual orientation is, his favorite drink, how he operates, and his energy levels. Most importantly Halvorssen describes himself as a liberal in the John Stuart Mill sense. We learn that Halvorssen is a dedicated, tireless worker fighting oppression anywhere that it occurs on the planet.

His childhood in Venezuela was spent in the lap of luxury, but both parents were politically active. His mother was shot while attending a peaceful demonstration and his father was a political prisoner in Venezuela.

Thor Halvorssen spends much of his life travelling from one dangerous situation to the next. He began the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum and is currently working on a film version of Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Tireless may be the best word to describe Halvorssen, but his efforts against despotism and political corruption are of great importance in this unstable world.

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