Brazilian Racer Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally racer. He currently lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is famous and well known in his country for his racing. He stays active on social media accounts for his many fans. He also connects with his fans on Vimeo, where he is a member. Rodrigo keeps in touch with his fans, but maintains a private life as well. This 40 year old race driver is a citizen of Brazil and has a brother named Michel Terpin. Rodrigo has a family history in the business world and racing world.

Rodrigo Terpins passion for sports started when he was really young. His family’s history of sportsmen helped motivate him through out life. Jack Terpins, his father, is a basketball player who has gained fortune. Jack is also in charge of the Maccabi Latin American Confederation. Being the President of the Maccabi Confederation, Jack is also apart of the Latin American Jewish Council. Rodrigo is very proud of his father’s successes in business and sports. Micel Terpin, his brother, is also well known. Micel is a high scholar in the business world. Micel is also famous for his rally racing. Rodrigo’s family is very important to him. His father and brother motivate him to continue to pursue his passion. Check out Terra to see more.

Terpins has became famous for his many championships in rally racing. Rodrigo races for the Rally Team called Tea Bull Sertoes. He drives a special rally car designed for him and his brother. They named this specially designed car the T-Rex. Terpins is a very successful race driver. This 40 year old driver has successfully completed five rally races for the Tea Bull Sertoes Team. Rodrigo has had a very successful career in the world of rally racing. He continues to succeed in his career. His fan base grows larger each racing season.

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