Rodrigo Terpins as a Rally Driver and Sports Enthusiast

Rodrigo Terpins is a well-known Brazilian rally driver who has been in off-road for more than a decade He attributes his passion for sports to his father Jack Terpins, who used to be a basketball player but has since converted into the business sector.

Jack Terpins played for Hebraice all throughout the 60s and the 70s. Later on, he started doing business instead and established a highly successful career in the industry of real estate making investments. In 1991, Jack Terpins was working as a Sports Director for the organization President of Hebrew. Additionally, Jack Terpins has also served as the President of the organizations Latin American Jewish Council and the Maccabi Latin American Confederation. He was Vice President for several years of the Maccabi World Union.

Rodrigo Terpins started out his off-road career in the motorcycle category. He was a competitor of the Prototype T1 and later attracted his brother, Michel Terpins, to join in as well. Off-road drivng became a passion for the younger brother as well, but he preferred the cars category of Prototype T1 and later converted into it. For more details visit LinkedIn.

The Terpins brothers founded their own off-road rally team called the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The name is dedicated to their favourite competition which is also one of the most significant off-road events in the country. The Sertoes Rally stretches well across 3 000 km. It is designed to keep drivers on the edge of their seats and alert about the varied terrains of the competition. That 3 000 km go over some different grounds and test the vigilance and decision-making skills of the pilots, as well as how quick they can think on their feet.

For Rodrigo and Michel Terpins, the rally is the most exciting event of the year. The two brothers take part in the off-road competition almost every year and dedicate their time to that one week of the Sertoes Rally enjoying the atmosphere that the community creates at the event.

Last year, the Terpins brothers concluded their participating in the Sertoes rally at the sixth place. Michel Terpins, specifically, was one of the six fastest. Follow their Twitter page.


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