Jason Hope’s philanthropy efforts

The world today is witnessing technological innovations of great magnitude recently. Advanced innovations are coming up that has potential to change the way we live and the way we do daily tasks. Since the invention of the internet, these technological innovations have increased in number. The internet has brought new ways through which as a people we can communicate and talk to each other. This technology is about to go to another level where it will not only be about people communicating but devices communicating. Yes, devices will have the capability to communicate with each other and perform tasks that otherwise would have been performed by human beings.

The internet of things is a technology that will happen very soon according to tech experts and analysts. Commonly known as IoT, the internet of things will make it possible for devices to connect to the internet and then share information amongst themselves. The internet of things has long been coming, and some experts had visualized its probability of happening. Although it has not been implemented fully, the initial stages of the internet of things is taking shape. It is going to bring changes of monumental proportion. The internet of things will create a world where human beings and devices will be able to work together. Machines will work on their own while human users will be able to give commands to them.

The power of computing has made the internet of things a reality. The technology has the power to influence every aspect of our lives as we know it today. Even the daily tasks that we do in our homes will be affected. For instance, it will be possible to turn off home gadgets while away from home. Smartphones and computing devices will make it possible.

According to a research by Gartner, the number of devices that will be supported by the internet of things are expected to increase by 2020. It is estimated the world will have over 6 billion devices that can support the internet of things. This goes to show that it is a reality that the internet of things will be here with us in a short time.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a tech analyst who has been very vocal about the internet of things. He has even written a book to support the internet of things. He intends to educate the masses about this technology of the future.

Jason Hope is also a philanthropist who supports research aimed at eliminating old age diseases. He has so far contributed over $500000 towards a research group called SENS.

Jason Hope’s Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope

Rodrigo Terpins as a Rally Driver and Sports Enthusiast

Rodrigo Terpins is a well-known Brazilian rally driver who has been in off-road for more than a decade He attributes his passion for sports to his father Jack Terpins, who used to be a basketball player but has since converted into the business sector.

Jack Terpins played for Hebraice all throughout the 60s and the 70s. Later on, he started doing business instead and established a highly successful career in the industry of real estate making investments. In 1991, Jack Terpins was working as a Sports Director for the organization President of Hebrew. Additionally, Jack Terpins has also served as the President of the organizations Latin American Jewish Council and the Maccabi Latin American Confederation. He was Vice President for several years of the Maccabi World Union.

Rodrigo Terpins started out his off-road career in the motorcycle category. He was a competitor of the Prototype T1 and later attracted his brother, Michel Terpins, to join in as well. Off-road drivng became a passion for the younger brother as well, but he preferred the cars category of Prototype T1 and later converted into it. For more details visit LinkedIn.

The Terpins brothers founded their own off-road rally team called the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The name is dedicated to their favourite competition which is also one of the most significant off-road events in the country. The Sertoes Rally stretches well across 3 000 km. It is designed to keep drivers on the edge of their seats and alert about the varied terrains of the competition. That 3 000 km go over some different grounds and test the vigilance and decision-making skills of the pilots, as well as how quick they can think on their feet.

For Rodrigo and Michel Terpins, the rally is the most exciting event of the year. The two brothers take part in the off-road competition almost every year and dedicate their time to that one week of the Sertoes Rally enjoying the atmosphere that the community creates at the event.

Last year, the Terpins brothers concluded their participating in the Sertoes rally at the sixth place. Michel Terpins, specifically, was one of the six fastest. Follow their Twitter page.

Reference: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/a-paixao-pelo-esporte-esta-no-sangue-de-rodrigo-terpins,1c23b1adb8235f237e617298007cc51857nbd5ll.html

Food Processing Services You can Expect from OSI Insustries Inc.

How OSI Industries Stands Out From Their Competitors

Don’t hesitate to learn more from the trusted OSI Food Processing group about their food services. Established since 1993, OSI has the highly trained team of professionals to handle a mass order of food production. On a large scale, they have been able to produce food condiments on a large scale for the EU food market. They give you clear transparency of where their food comes from and what’s in it on their online site. Get the website of many popular industry professionals with a large scale facility nationwide.

Professional David McDonald Contributor

Business professional and CEO, David McDonald believes he can use his combined education and 16+ years in the food industry to expand OSI international portfolio and personal growth. They have been able to work alongside other key executives like COO, Sheldon Lavin to accomplish their business goals. He has been able to accumulate a deal worth $7 million dollars. They have been been able to successfully partner with the United States and Asia. OSI would like all of their partnerships to mimic that of their current successful deals. McDonald says, their food processing services have made them leaders in the industry. To know more click here.

Recent OSI Expansion Partnerships

OSI is known for their popular EU food deal with Flagship Europe which is one of their largest international deals. This also attracted other international partners like the Dutch food industry. They’re responsible for responsible for operating one of their largest food plant facilities. They will deliver large scale food condiments along with frozen poultry food products. India will soon be introduced to their organic vegetables through a food chain partnership deal worth an unspecified amount. Europe hasbeen able to expand their business portfolio and introduce business growth to Europe.

Career Opportunities At OSI Food Group

You can become a part of the diverse OSI work environment by inquiring on their website. They allow their customers to have a career opportunity with room for advancement. They offer skilled trained employment and executive positions. You’ll love coming to work every day and being responsible for a safe meal processed through OSI for thousands of families. You are among a team of trusted professionals that serve thousands of food industry partners worldwide. Enjoy learning more from the easy to navigate OSI Industries website today and feed your need for a nutritional diet.

ClassDojo Hits the Mark on the Aspects Educators Believe are Important for Classroom Technology

Technology has been used in the field of education for several decades now. A recent online article highlighted some of the key aspects to creating technology that makes the grade with administrators and educators. The objective of technology for the classroom is to help students learn in a friendly and comfortable environment. This can be seen in the design of the ClassDojo app, which places its focus on connecting students, teachers and parents in one easy to use platform.

Problem solving tops the list of the most desirable aspects or features for classroom technology. Software programs that help educators make learning fun, also helps to empower students in a way that makes them want to learn. ClassDojo accomplishes this by using the type of icons for rewards and recognition that students at all elementary levels can identify with. This app also helps educators resolve problems by allowing instant connections between teachers and administrative staff or parents through its messaging platform.

Educators also want technology for the classroom that has been proven to have a positive effect on students, parents, teachers and the community. Since it is now used in about 90 percent of schools with grades K through 8 in the United States, the ClassDojo app has more than proved itself as a useful educational tool. The team behind this powerful mobile application designed it to meet the needs of individualized classrooms rather than as a cookie cutter format for all classrooms. It is its flexibility of design that gives the power of effective student communication back to the teachers and parents.

Another important aspect educators would like to see in the technology being created for classrooms today, is the ability to move forward. They would like to know what plans the applications have for growth as the field of education moves forward. The continual process of growth of ClassDojo can be seen in the progress it has made in its incorporation into other languages. It has already been translated into more than 35 different languages, which makes it a classroom tool that is now being used by educators, parents and students around the world.

Doe Deere

Lime Crime is a vegan makeup company that is famous for its bright colors and bold lipsticks. The founder, Doe Deere, started the company so that she could have makeup that matched her eccentric wardrobe. She marches to the beat of her own drum, and wants others to the same.

Deere was born in Russia, and has always been a fun, makeup-loving person. All of her life she has been an entrepreneur- in elementary school, she made money by selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. When she was just 17, she moved across the world to New York City to pursue her passion of music. She met her husband and current president of Lime Crime through her band.

Even with her busy life, Doe Deere was able to share her morning routine. She wakes up at 8:30 AM every morning. The first thing she does is drink a big glass of water. She lives in Los Angeles, so it’s important for her to stay hydrated. After her water, she will eat a light breakfast. Grits are her favorite first thing in the morning, but she also loves yogurt, fruit, and freshly squeezed orange juice. After breakfast, she stretches or exercises, and then gets right to work. She checks her phone to get caught up on what’s happening in the world. After that, she gets onto Lime Crime’s internal chat system and talks with her company.

As a makeup CEO, Deere must do her makeup, of course. Doe loves to listen to music while she does her makeup, as it gives her a good vibe. Her hair is always dry in the morning because she washes it at night. This enables her to easily do her classic style of big, bouncy curls, which she uses a curling iron to do. After her hair, she washes and moisturizes her face. Now, for the makeup! She always starts with foundation. Although Lime Crime does not currently sell foundation, Deere assures that it will be coming soon. After that, she sets her foundation, fills in her brows, and then applies blush and lipstick. This is Deere’s whole morning routine, and she says that it works out just fine for her! Learn more: http://thestoryexchange.org/doe-deere/


David Giertz Explains Why Financial Advisors Need To Talk About Social Security With Clients

One of the most important things to consider about the financial future of your life is your retirement plan, something that many of us tend to gloss over because it seems far enough away to not be important now or because of the complexities that can come with it. In these and many other scenarios, the services of a financial advisor can mean the difference between having potentially tens of thousands more for your retirement plan or simply not having enough to get by.

One of the issues presently is that many of today’s financial advisors simply are not talking to their clients about their social security benefits in detail, a survey conducted by Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute asked people ten years from retirement as well as those already retired showed that financial advisors are not talking about social security with their clients.

This survey also showed that 4 out of 5 of these clients would switch to a different advisor if their current advisor was not talking with them about social security and the benefits within. The reason most advisors are not talking about social security with their clients is very likely due to the vastly complex nature of the social security system itself.

The social security handbook has over 2,700 individual rules and at that high number it is easy to see why it is so complex and why many advisors would stay away from the subject, lacking confidence to handle the volume of complexity.

One of the biggest things for any financial advisor to consider is that their clients will very likely switch to another advisor if what the client feels is inadequate service is being delivered for their money.

The other large reason for any financial advisor to become more versed in the structure of social security is due to the fact that in the retirement income planning process, social security incomes can be up to 40% of that.

One of the leading experts in individual portfolio management is David Giertz, a broker who has been with Nationwide Investment Services for over ten years with over thirty years of experience in the field of investment brokering.