How Fabletics Has Used Online Word of Mouth to Stand Apart From Other Brands

Starting out as a new offering in the competitive world of women’s fashion, Fabletics had the celebrity power of spokeswoman Kate Hudson to help the brand stand out in a crowded marketplace, but not much else. To create a distinctive narrative for the brand and increase consumer confidence in the product, Fabletics used the power of crowd promotion. This approach worked across several channels to connect with consumers, making the brand an unprecedented success.


One of the ways that Fabletics encouraged consumer confidence was through reviews on popular sites where potential consumers were likely to visit. These reviews helped consumers feel confident about the quality of clothing they would receive, the speed of shipping and the price of the monthly subscription service. With firsthand reviews from customers who had already tried the athletic wear offered by the company, new buyers felt less hesitation signing up for the service. This removed some of the common objections potential customers may have had about signing up for this new product.


Another tool used by the Fabletics brand is promotion on social media channels. In addition to creating high quality social media posts that showed Kate Hudson herself wearing the clothes, the brand encouraged real users to post pictures of themselves on social media channels. This helped potential customers of all sizes see that the clothing could work on their body shapes, not just ones similar to Hudson. Using hashtags and clever promotions, the brand grew to enjoy a large and active social media following.


This use of everyday tools to connect with fans is part of what has helped Kate Hudson transition from movie star to fitness wear business woman. With an approachable image and personal brand, the mom of two was a perfect choice to partner with Fabletics and bring it to success. Her casual, athletic everyday style helped give her endorsement of the brand authenticity that resonated with consumers.


New customers who want to get started with the Fabletics monthly subscription service can begin by taking a quiz on the Fabletics website. The Lifestyle Quiz asks questions about what kind of workouts the user plans on doing, her personal style and favorite colors or patterns. Using the information provided, the service chooses the right outfits to send the customer each month. This helps the customer get an unlimited supply of athletic wear at an affordable price, without leaving the comfort of home.

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