Madelaine Petsch Reveals Her Lime Crime TV Secret

The Netflix produced TV series “Riverland” has just completed its second season with the iconic residents of this Archie Comics universe making their way to screens in a more adult way than many could imagine. One of the characters to have quickly been taken into the hearts of fans is Cheryl Blossom, one of the wealthier residents of the town who likes to show off her expensive clothing and toys; Cheryl Blossom is played by Madelaine Petsch, who recently explained one of her main cosmetics secrets in bringing the character of Cheryl to life is the use of Lime Crime Red Velvet Velvetine Matte lipstick.

The character of Cheryl Blossom is already on her way to achieving legendary status with her deep red lips one of the trademarks of the look of the character. Madelaine Petsch explained the amount of kissing and long hours on set mean the use of Red Velvet from Lime Crime has been a bonus for herself and members of the makeup team who do not need to reapply this long-lasting liquid lipstick on a regular basis throughout the day. Although the lipstick is described as kiss-proof. Madelaine Petsch revealed a layer of lip balm added to the lipstick makes it smudge proof throughout each day of filming.

Lime Crime has developed a loyal fan base over the course of its short life as a cosmetics manufacturer and has proven it is possible to successfully market cosmetics over the Internet. The range of cosmetics available from Lime Crime has been expanding over recent years with the Velvetine Matte line becoming one of the most popular produced for its fast-drying nature to create a consistent look over the course of a day; the signature looks at Lime Crime are those colors unique to this vegan and cruelty-free company known for producing deep blues, purple, and orange cosmetics not commonly created by traditional cosmetics manufacturers.

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