Fabletics’ Focus On The Customer

Co-founded by iconic actress and mother of two Kate Hudson, Fabletics has recently made a substantial impression on the Activewear industry due to its showcasing of crowdsourced reviews. Fabletics has gained a significant advantage in the industry due to their decisions to leverage the ever-growing supply of crowdsourced reviews from their customers. The prominence of these reviews drives business towards Fabletics and has pushed them a step above the rest when it comes to their corporate image.



The Importance of Reviews

Any modern business needs to leverage the power of the crowd if they wish to be truly successful. The image of a company is no longer determined by what the company says about itself, but rather what the people say about that company, and what their reviews say about the company’s product. Fabletics takes this trend and uses it to their advantage in order to bring more business to their company.


The company has capitalized on this trend by focusing heavily on their customers. The popularity of crowdsourced review aggregation sites and the trust that consumers express for them cannot be understated. It’s this popularity and trust that can help bring businesses to the forefront of the market when they focus on garnering positive reviews. Authentic reviews are a powerful tool to bring in additional revenue and customers, improve search rankings for the business, and provide insight on the opinions of their customers.



Fabletics Firmly Focuses On Their Customers

There are few companies who understand the importance of utilizing positive reviews as well as Fabletics. Their website prominently features positive crowdsourced reviews written by real customers, as well as taking those reviews to heart, and trying to look at their business from the perspective of their customers. The reviews not only provide valuable feedback to the company, but also provide a gateway to potential customers, drawing them in as potential customers.


Fabletics was founded in order to empower and inspire women, and now with its current focus on crowdsourced reviews and the feedback and opinions gained from their customers, they strive to maintain an excellent relationship with their customers in addition to a fantastic selection of products.



Kate Hudson’s Fight For Affordable Style

An iconic actress, mother of two, and a fashion tastemaker, Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics. Hudson strives to bring motivation and inspiration as well as support to women around the globe trying to live healthy and active lives. Her passion for empowering women and helping them to reach new heights is part of what led Kate to co-found the company.


The company was originally founded due to a gap in the market. While stylish and luxurious athletic wear was abundant, there were no companies which offered both a stylish and luxurious athletic-wear option that was also available at a reasonable price. Fabletics was founded in order to close that gap and provide stylish sportswear at a price you can easily afford. You can take the Lifestyle Quiz to find out which Fabletics gear may be right for you.

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