Talkspace: Be Yourself

One of the oldest pieces of advice we have been given in life is “Be Yourself.” While it might sound easy, it is not always possible to execute for whatever reason. Too often, people might have gotten in our faces and told us that we couldn’t do something. The worst part is that we believed them. Those days are now gone thanks to Talkspace, as it helps those that are suffering from mental illness. Chances are you know someone that is struggling with mental illness and has had to battle it in their life. Maybe they are battling it, but they are keeping it to themselves.

Even though it does define them, it is part of who they are and they should not be ashamed of it. As a matter of fact, they should embrace it, talk about it, and be open about it. Talkspace allows people that platform, the space, and the avenue to do just that. Talkspace is an app that has video, texting, and phone calls for those that wish to speak to a therapist. They are unable to afford a therapist through the office method, but they are still getting tremendous treatment. As a matter of fact, one of the great things about this method is how personal it is.

Even though someone is a therapist, they are also a person and they have a lot to offer and a lot to say. They just need the right platform to do so, and they truly develop a friendship with their clients. They get to know them because they are not just another person texting them or calling them for help. They are someone that needs assistance and a little help, and they want to be the one that provides it for them along the way.

Clay Siegall

As a young man of 19, Clay Siegall saw his father stricken with cancer. After watching him suffer and struggle with the disease for the next 5 years until his death when Clay was 24, he decided that his life’s work would be dedicated to developing and improving the woefully lacking cancer-fighting methods and medications that had been the only thing available to help his father combat the deadly disease.

Fast forward to the 1980s. Clay Siegall makes good on his goals. Beginning in 1988, he held positions at the National Institute of Health and The National Cancer Institute from 1988-1991. From 1991-1997 he worked for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

In 1988 Clay Siegall became co-founder of Seattle Genetics, located in Bothell’s Cascade Business Park. Today he serves as President/CEO/Chairman of the company. Siegall holds fast to the integrity of Seattle Genetics, maintaining the company’s focus and steadfastly refusing to sell out to or be taken over by large corporations whose main focus is money rather than cancer treatment. Siegall stands firm in his dedication to the founding principles of Seattle Genetics: To work to produce consistently better and more effective cancer-fighting methods and treatments. Siegall does not content himself with a company that does nothing more than recycle pre-existing drugs that fight cancer; he focuses the attention of Seattle Genetics on researching, developing, and marketing new and consistently more effective drugs in the war on cancer. He is also dedicated to making these cancer treatments available worldwide.

Siegall has opened an office in Switzerland in order for Seattle Genetics to be able to oversee and continue to improve and expand it’s international marketing interests. I February, he set a plan in motion to acquire the international rights to commercialize a recently developed cancer-fighting drug. He invested $2 billion into this venture. The drug, developed by a New Jersey-based biopharmaceutical company called Immunomedics, appeared to be at the forefront of cutting-edge cancer treatment. Siegall’s venture, while unsuccessful in it’s primary focus. left no doubt that Seattle Genetics meant business when it came to their dedication to providing oncology medications and treatments on a global scale.

Last year, Seattle Genetics’ sales reached $418 million, a 50% increase in just 2 years’ time. IN the past 5 years, their stock prices have ore than tripled. Next year’s projections are toward a continued increase in both company earnings and stock revenue under the capable leadership of Clay Siegall.

Siegall has stated publicly that he looks forward to waking up each day and doing work that he is excited about. His main goal is to see cancer successfully treated globally.

Sussex Healthcare-The Standard Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare is 25 year organization of experience who has served the community and the needs of those who face challenges. Using a person centered approach, the mission for them is to meet the needs of individuals with specific care plan.

Care for the Elderly

Sussex Healthcare provides a safe and supportive environment for elderly clients. The experienced staff, including nurses and doctors, provide assistance and also goals to keep the mind active as well as the body. The facilities maximize the physical, mental, emotional and social needs of seniors. With daily care or residential care and 24 hour attention available, Sussex can meet the needs of any client. Activities such as handicrafts, games and music help keep the loved one busy and their mind sharp. There is also a wide range of therapy opportunities such as hydrotherapy and occupational therapy. Trained chefs serve meals that are delicious and nutritious.

Dementia Care

Due to the increased aging in our population, dementia care has become a prominent issue in many families. Sussex Healthcare believes that all people should live a full life so they provide stimulating and growth support options. Their individual-centered focus respects each individual and personalizes care plans for their special needs. The Sussex facilities are created to provide familiarity and comfortability for dementia patients. There are special rooms dedicated to assisting reminisce with memory boxes and familiar objects. 24 hour supervision is available and ongoing dementia training is given to all staff.

Neurological Care

Sussex Healthcare also has special facilities to serve those with neurological or acquired brain injury needs. They are set up to treat such chronic diseases as Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s or Acquired Brain Injury with Spinal Cord Lesions. They have in-house therapists, speech and language therapy, and aromatherapy. The 24 hour care ensures the protected but independent lifestyle that these clients need to succeed.


The Sussex Healthcare has customized facilities for a diverse array of disabilities and special needs clients. They work in conjunction with colleges and local schools to develop an educational plan that meets the needs for families. There is a 24 hour care with the latest technology such as tracking hoists and assisted tools that support the individual as well as the family. Physical therapy and other hydrotherapy rooms provide structured growth or leisure comfort. Day care and overnight care is available. Each Sussex Health facility is designed with the special needs of its clients in mind.

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Talos Energy: Finalizes The Extraction Of Zama-1 Drilling!”

In recent news, Talos Energy has finalized all efforts of oil extraction on their Zama-1 project. Talos energy LLC, in partnership with Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas and London’s Premier Oil companies, had remarkably been able to succeed at spudding a well in the Mexican waterways off the coast of Port of Dos Bocas not long ago. The drilling well which extends a total depth of 13,480 feet is approximately thirty-seven miles from the shore line. This feat hasn’t been accomplished for an astonishing eighty years and this is encouraging because Mexico’s energy market is now accessible to foreign investors. As a result of Mexico conveying the oil industry back into state jurisdiction in the year 1938, this is the only well that has not been controlled by Pemex. Zamma-1 has the capacity to support up to 500 million petroleum vessels at one time. President and Chief Executive Officer Tim Duncan surmised that Talos Energy is inspired of the recent acquisition, which yields 16,155 barrels of crude on a daily basis. With the revenue from this well’s produce, seismic analysis results and a highly skilled group of professionals Talos is ready to construct another large scale exploration and production company on the Gulf of Mexico. Their work will be concentrated on locating, expanding, producing and marketing petroleum and gas products.

Talos Energy LLC was established in 2012 and is affiliated with River stone Holdings LLC and Apollo Global Management, LLC. The companies initially invested approximately $600 million in assets for venture capitalizing purposes in the energy sector. They are a private independent petroleum business that centers their work and efforts on the discovery and processing of oil and gas. They operate primarily off of the Mexican Gulf Coast. Talos is recognized as leaders among their constituents in the energy trade for operating within earth friendly and environmentally sound processes. They are committed to excellence and the use of the most innovative technology and equipment to date. Talos is driven by modernistic approaches and collaborative participation that furthers growth and the value of Talos and its partners.

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The Neurocore Guide to Depression Types

Depression is a complex disorder. It can come in a variety of diagnosed types that can present with very different symptoms and often are treated in very different methodologies. Even triggering events can vary from things as simple as chemical imbalances in the brain to traumatic life events. Some types of depression stay with individuals for extremely long periods and some people have episodes of depression that come and go. No matter what the type of depression a person has, it has the capability to be a debilitating condition that if left untreated, can cause extremely negative outcomes for the people that suffer with it. Read more at about Neurocore.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers, an organization specializing in brain performance, including depression, has divided the condition of depression into eight basic types:

Persistent Depressive Disorder

Although this term is fairly new, it is basically describing two older terms, dysthymia and chronic major depression. Symptoms of this form include changes in sleep, appetite and energy levels, as well as low self esteem and feelings of guilt and even suicidal thoughts.

Bi-Polar Disorder

Many people don’t recognize that Bi-Polar Disorder is associated with depression. The feeling “up” followed by depression has many of the same symptoms of classic depression.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Many people are affected by the change of seasons, often associated with the type and amount of light the person is exposed to in Fall and Winter months. During the times of limited light exposure, symptoms of depression start occurring. Follow Neurocore on

Psychotic Depression

People experiencing this type of depression experience the same symptoms of major depression, but have the added symptoms of hallucinatins, delusions and paranoia.

Postpartum Depression

This type affects women who have just given birth. Hormone level changes associated with pregnancy and childbirth are often the cause.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Another hormone related type of depression, this type reacts to a dip in the levels of serotonin during the beginning stages of menstration.


This type is simply the types of depression that is clearly symptomatic but not caused by any easily identifiable trigger.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers highly recommend that anyone experience symptoms of depression talk to their doctors and get the many options available for depression treatment.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers, with centers all over the USA, treats disorders including depression, ADHD, autism, anxiety, migraines, sleep and stress.


Why Karl Heideck is the Best Attorney in America

Karl Heideck has invested his time representing clients and has been working tirelessly towards ensuring that he focusses his attention on representing people facing certain legal issues and has been on the frontline ensuring that he advises his clients on the way forward. He possesses a lot of knowledge and exposure when it comes to client representation and has been on the frontline ensuring that the future of their clients is well determined. When a corporation engages itself in countless legal battles, it will end up losing business and people around might not feel comfortable doing what is right. Karl Heideck has over ten years working as an attorney and has been able to have shaped his destiny very well. As a litigation lawyer, for instance, he had been able to represent his clients in matters to do with business, malpractices like negligence in medical fraternity and also personal injury. He has however been on the frontline ensuring that he does his best towards ensuring that there is enhanced motivation in his career.

Karl Heideck like any other scholars made his decision of becoming a litigator while he was still in the University. There is a point in law school where one is required to specialize in what he is planning to undertake. These courses in colleges prepare law students towards becoming the most aggressive and influential law-abiding citizens. In this process, they learn more about evidence preparation, civil procedures and also great and mature courtroom practice. It is usually a process where one is also required to pass some law papers in order to qualify to represent clients in a court case. Karl Heideck himself has been able to excellently go through this tough but rewarding experience and is now a licensed litigator with over one-decade experience.

Karl Heideck has previous experience in big law firms whereby he was able to generate vast experience in business law industry, and after some time, he decided to venture into the industry alone. He has great legal qualifications, and it is also in the public domain that Karl Heideck is a great researcher. He has an undergraduate degree in law from Swarthmore College. He also studied English and literature at the same University and has currently been doing quite well. He has his legal qualifications from the Temple University, and he has been able to qualify to practice law in Philadelphia.

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Fabletics’ Focus On The Customer

Co-founded by iconic actress and mother of two Kate Hudson, Fabletics has recently made a substantial impression on the Activewear industry due to its showcasing of crowdsourced reviews. Fabletics has gained a significant advantage in the industry due to their decisions to leverage the ever-growing supply of crowdsourced reviews from their customers. The prominence of these reviews drives business towards Fabletics and has pushed them a step above the rest when it comes to their corporate image.



The Importance of Reviews

Any modern business needs to leverage the power of the crowd if they wish to be truly successful. The image of a company is no longer determined by what the company says about itself, but rather what the people say about that company, and what their reviews say about the company’s product. Fabletics takes this trend and uses it to their advantage in order to bring more business to their company.


The company has capitalized on this trend by focusing heavily on their customers. The popularity of crowdsourced review aggregation sites and the trust that consumers express for them cannot be understated. It’s this popularity and trust that can help bring businesses to the forefront of the market when they focus on garnering positive reviews. Authentic reviews are a powerful tool to bring in additional revenue and customers, improve search rankings for the business, and provide insight on the opinions of their customers.



Fabletics Firmly Focuses On Their Customers

There are few companies who understand the importance of utilizing positive reviews as well as Fabletics. Their website prominently features positive crowdsourced reviews written by real customers, as well as taking those reviews to heart, and trying to look at their business from the perspective of their customers. The reviews not only provide valuable feedback to the company, but also provide a gateway to potential customers, drawing them in as potential customers.


Fabletics was founded in order to empower and inspire women, and now with its current focus on crowdsourced reviews and the feedback and opinions gained from their customers, they strive to maintain an excellent relationship with their customers in addition to a fantastic selection of products.



Kate Hudson’s Fight For Affordable Style

An iconic actress, mother of two, and a fashion tastemaker, Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics. Hudson strives to bring motivation and inspiration as well as support to women around the globe trying to live healthy and active lives. Her passion for empowering women and helping them to reach new heights is part of what led Kate to co-found the company.


The company was originally founded due to a gap in the market. While stylish and luxurious athletic wear was abundant, there were no companies which offered both a stylish and luxurious athletic-wear option that was also available at a reasonable price. Fabletics was founded in order to close that gap and provide stylish sportswear at a price you can easily afford. You can take the Lifestyle Quiz to find out which Fabletics gear may be right for you.

Bob Reina: This Is His Life

Passion is something that someone can never have enough of in their life. They need passion and plenty of it in order to make life the best it can be for themselves. When the word passion comes to mind, an individual comes to mind and that individual is Bob Reina of Talk Fusion. He is the founder and CEO of this video communications product. This company is truly his life and his passion project. It means the world to him and it shows in the final results. Everything about it is top of the line, top notch, and state of the art. As the old adage goes, he leaves no stone unturned when putting this product together with every person that works at Talk Fusion.


He knows this is a product that people need, want, and desire. For example, there are a lot of stay-at-home moms with a lot of creativity in their blood and in their bones. They want to let it out and they want to do something creative when the kids are sleeping. They also want to make money doing it. These days, it is hard to have a one-income household for a lot of people. However, it is the way of the world, so people have to adjust.


There are also stay-at-home dads with big ideas and they want to see their ideas get off the ground as well, so it works both ways. Talk Fusion offers the very best in video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. Everything that is video, they are the best at it and it is backed up by their two awards in 2016 including the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. It is an amazing honor that shows the marvelous work that the team over at Talk Fusion is doing, day in and day out.


The awards are nice and they are wonderful, but what matters even more to Bob Reina is being able to change lives, which, as he has pointed out, has been the mission of the company since day one. The mission is stronger than ever. Learn more:



You may ask, “Why is it unique”? The authentic style of worship service encourages you to come as you are, and everyone is welcome! Being comfortable and feeling important are priorities, no matter what you are going through or your stage of life. Watch this video on Youtube.

There are many beautiful churches in Minnesota, but Mighty Fortress Church, located in Brooklyn Park, stands out because of its uniqueness. On the outside, it has modern features with the latest in technology; so it appears to be a huge entertainment center rather than a church that seats one thousand worshipers.

The church focuses on God, deepening your relationship with Christ and how He works in peoples’ lives and believes the answers to many of today’s problems are found in the wisdom and knowledge of the word of God.

The senior pastor, Bishop Thomas Williams, is a ministerial graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Oklahoma and has many other degrees, as well. In ministry for thirty years, he is president and founder of Mighty Fortress International Ministries, a ministry that teaches biblical principles that can be applied in daily living. Married, with three children, he and his family have committed their lives to God and ministry. Bishop Williams wants you to feel the “Mighty Fortress” difference! Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

More beautiful churches are:

  1. Cathedral of St. Paul, located in St. Paul, is the third largest church in the United States. The design features French Renaissance architecture, like some churches in Paris. Many say it is the most beautiful church in Minnesota.
  2. Basilica of St. Mary, located in Minneapolis has a Baroque architectural style, with many intricate shapes and patterns in the interior. It is known as the most historic church in Minneapolis.
  3. Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, located in New Ulm, built in 1896, has a Baroque style architecture. The interior features paintings of the twelve apostles, Christ and angels and is one the most elaborate cathedrals.


These are just a few of the many beautiful churches you will find in Minnesota, if you’re ever in the area and would like to visit.

Ways AI Technology has improved EE-commerce and Marketing sectors in Business

AI technology is the simulation of human intelligence process by machines and computer systems. In this specific article, the focus is on how AI technologies are shaping up the future of marketing and e-commerce. According to Drum network, the market can be complicated with the launching of new marketing tools and techniques. Artificial intelligence technology has also influenced the approach of handing appliances at home.

AI technology has changed and improved how a customer uses the visual search system. Today customers just take a picture of the product they want, analyze the object and then submit it. In this way, shoppers can find the image of the similar product that they are looking for. This is unlike before when shoppers had to use a text-based search in the search field for an object they want to purchase. The disadvantage was that one had no visual image of the product they wanted to purchase. A good example of the use of visual search is companies that have applications which allow users to take photos of the objects they want in the real world and locate them in the company catalog.

Voice search is the ability to find what one is shopping for using speech. In addition to the use of images in the shopping, shoppers are slowly adapting voice search. Voice search uses AI technology to comprehend what is spoken and get better at speech recognition and used phases. With the popularization of voice search has enabled shoppers’ e-commerce retailers to re-optimize their pages so as to handle voice-based searches. A study shows that by 2020 all searches will be voice-based.

In marketing AI technology has changed the digital marketing greatly; messages can be sent to a target group, offering relevant content. This has also seen the creation of different communication channels. This is in accordance with the target group; there has also been the creation of websites and applications that can be accessed through our mobile phones. This also allows the satisfaction of customer services where a customer can give a feedback and share their preference.

AI technology is providing customers with seamless speed and excellent customer analysis. This has been achieved by personalizing a customer’s personal experience. With this trend, e-commerce will become more prevalent and automated. Already some companies are using virtual experiences and Chabot.

Through AI technology sales and marketing can be easily merged. It is through predictive analytics that new opportunities for markets and sales have been created. Most of the successful businesses are those whose markets have been optimized. A study shows that by 2020 the most grown business entities are those that will have optimized their effectiveness to the detriment of customer experience and satisfaction.