George Soros Returns & Sets Sights on Trump

George Soros is a renowned investor as well as a historically generous philanthropist. He is also the biggest boogeyman that the right wing of American politics has ever seen. How do you balance those facts together? Well, George Soros is one of the few billionaire liberal elites in the world and he has come back in full force to try and oppose the degenerative campaign promises of Donald Trump, now President Trump. Soros returned in 2016 after a long political hiatus in order to oppose Trump because he realized that the stakes were simply too high to be standing idly by.

After helping Al Gore in his election bid against the incumbent President Bush over a decade ago, Soros promised to sit more idly by with his campaign contributions. He had become jaded, feeling like too much financial contribution from any one person was likely bad for America as a whole. Still, Soros knew that Democrats and progressives were woefully under-funded in comparison to right wing politicians thanks to the billionaire Koch Brothers being in charge of everything. So, Soros returned — he had to. Learn more about his profile at

Leaping back into the election fray we would see George Soros donate nearly $25 million to nominee Hillary Clinton as well as a host of other progressives down the ticket. Soros had come out strongly to denounce Donald Trump and his violent and dangerous rhetoric. and now he backed it up with his own financial contributions. Still, that wouldn’t be enough and Trump would eventually be elected to the White House. But all was not lost. The rise of Trump, as bad as it is for America, brought back George Soros to the political fray and that effect cannot be undersold to progressives.

George Soros has made a career out of helping people out who need it. The work George Soros has done alongside Open Society Foundations has been instrumental in combating serious problems all around the world. The Open Society Foundations fights for a more transparent governing body, freedom of expression, social justice, and true equality. The OSF has made an impact on every continent on the planet; even here back at home in North America. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Only a couple of years ago we saw George Soros’ faith in grassroots activism take hold and actually make a difference. The Ferguson Protests captivated the nation after an unarmed black man was killed by Darren Wilson, a white police officer. The problem of systemic racially motivated brutality by police was front and center on every TV in America. The protests in Ferguson were perhaps the most effective way at getting this message out. It was thanks to grassroots support from Open Society Foundations that they were able raise their voices and march for equality.

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