How Logan Stout Is Contributing To Healthier Lives Through IDLife

Logan Stout is a successful American entrepreneur, professional athlete, motivational speaker, author, and sports mentor. He is the founder of both IDLife, a provider of personalized nutrition supplements, and Dallas Patriots, an organization that offers support and training to young baseball players. Logan Stout currently resides in Frisco, Texas with his wife, Haley and two children.

He attended the J.J Pearce High School, where he played both basketball and baseball, as well as serving as a member of the Student Athletic Council. Logan Stout holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the Panola College, as well as one in Psychology from the University of Dallas. During this period, he served as a youth minister at Dallas Baptist University while also coaching baseball. After graduating, Logan Stout went on to play baseball professionally with the Fort Worth Cats.

Logan Stout’s idea to start up the Dallas Patriots was based on the need to provide quality training and training facilities to young baseball players. His days serving as a coach and mentor boosted the organization because he is committed to ensuring that children build up their confidence through sports, as well as improving their skills and performance at the same time. The organization offers baseball camps, clinics, and private classes for individuals.

He is a motivational speaker and mentor in various sports and business platform. He has a passion for life and embodies this in his speeches that involve not only encouragement but also practical steps to achieving success. Logan Stout is a published author of the book “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams”. In the book, he provides working strategies that have helped him throughout his professional career as an entrepreneur and a sportsman.

About IDLife

Through IDLife, Logan Stout has grown as a businessman in the health and wellness industry. He founded the company in 2014, alongside well-known investors such as Jen Widerstorm, Chris Camillo, Troy Aikman, and Darwin Deason. The firm specializes in providing personalized nutritional products and supplements to individuals based on factors such as medical conditions, eating and exercising habits, sex, age, as well as sun exposure.

IDLife does its marketing through representatives and associates who earn on a commission basis. The company’s objective is to transform the lives of its clients through high-quality products supported by an innovative business model. The processes used by IDLife in its online assessments are all HIPAA compliant. The products are individually designed to help people to lead healthier lives.

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Dr. Vasishta and Long Term Remission of Relapsing-Remitting MS

In the article, “Stem cell transplants may induce long-term remission of multiple sclerosis”, published by the National Institutes of Health, the author divulges information about the effectiveness of a new treatment for multiple sclerosis. This treatment is called high-dose immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant or HDIT/HCT. This experimental treatment suppresses the immediate effects of relapsing-remitting MS and prevents any future progression of the disease. The treatment does this by removing diseased cells and resetting the immune system. HDIT/HCT treatment works by having a doctor obtain a sample of the patient’s blood-forming stem cells, deplete the immune system with a high dose of chemotherapy, and then reinsert the patient’s stems cells which revive their immune system. This is a way of restarting the patient’s immune system. By going through with the treatment, patient does carry the risk of becoming infected.

The results of this treatment have varied slightly but most participants have seen their relapsing-remitting MS stabilized. Although the majority have seen positive results, three of the participants did die but their deaths were not a result of the participation in the trial treatment. Most trial participants have remained in remission five years after the trial treatment. This is a very positive outlook on the future treatments that will build off of the advancements of HDIT/HCT.

New Jersey based Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta, is a neurology specialist and obtained his degree from Government Medical College. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta currently practices out of Kennedy Health System at the Cherry Hill Campus. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vashishta is a trained professional and has over 40 years of experience.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta’s practice is bilingual and supports both English and Spanish. He treats a wide spectrum of neurological diseases and offers treatment for MS. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a doctor who could provide future treatment options for the now trial treatment HDIT/HCT.

Life Line Screening CMO Dr, Manganaro – A Vision for a Healthier Life

It is called the Hippocratic Oath, a pledge taken by physicians that they will dedicate their lives to the health and well-being of the human race. Dr. Andrew Manganaro, the Chief Medical Officer for Life Line Screening, felt that there were opportunities where this pledge could be implemented before people became seriously ill. He envisioned prevention and awareness as the keys.

Dr. Manganaro noticed that too many people were developing serious health issues. His medical knowledge created a realization that if detected earlier; many of these ailments could have either been prevented, or cured with fewer complications. Developing patient awareness of potential health problems is a huge step in preventing sicknesses from blindly reaching catastrophic situations. For that reason, Dr. Manganaro made his vision a reality and created Life Line Screening.

He surrounded himself with a like-minded team of professionals who share his vigilant work ethic. Dr. Manganaro oversees the daily operations of Life Line Screening, striving each day to learn the daily lessons that he believes are the key to being successful. To be an asset to medical advancement means to stay current with all aspects of the ever-changing scientific research. Dr. Manganaro believes this is one of the core principles to advancing medicine.

The idea that improving health awareness will automatically lead to better lives is the Life Line Screening philosophy. Incorporating the dedicated principles of their founder, Life Line offers a community-based platform for regular health screenings. They collaborate with business to offer a corporate wellness program that significantly reduces costs, while providing preventive health screenings for employees.

Only by being aware of potential health risks, can a person make lifestyle adjustments to live a more fruitful life. That was the foundation for Dr. Manganaro’s vision for Life Line Screening. The company runs as a family unit supporting the family structure. This is a mirror of what its CMO finds as one of the most important aspects of his own life, his family.

Dr. Manganaro follows a set of principles that good decisions come from constantly assessing and reassessing the array of opportunities that life provides. It’s these driving principles, which shape Life Line Screening.


CEO Takes Buffett to Task Over Investment Strategy

In 2007 the American business magnate and highly lauded investor, Warren E. Buffett took a business bet for charity against a group of serious investors. The contest was conducted thus: both Buffet and his opponents would choose a investment venue and stick with it for a set number of years at the end of which the venue that had accrued the most money would be the winner. Buffett settled on a S & P 500 standard passive index fund where as his opponents decided to invest in numerous different hedge funds. Fast forward to 2017 and the contest is nearing its close; Buffett is bragging and telling his newsletter subscribers that standard passive index funds are the future. That hedge funds are too costly and that they act in a predatory fashion and generally given sub-par returns due to the profit incentive structures.

But are passive index funds really so great and rewarding over the long time frames? One many, in glaring particular, vehemently disagrees with Buffett’s assertions concerning the aforementioned investment strategy.

That man would be none other than another prominent investor and businessman, Timothy Armour, the CEO and Chairman of Capital Group, a immensely successful financial services firm based out of the United States of America. Mr. Armour contents that while Mr. Buffet is correct that standardized passive index funds certainly have a place in any experienced investors portfolio he urges caution when investing in them. Though the capital needed to invest in these funds is relatively low and they are extremely safe investments in a bull market (that is, the current market) they offer absolutely no guarantee of protection to a investor in a time of crisis, in a down market. Timothy Armour can mean absolutely devastating losses from all parties involved, no matter how great the fund or funds happened to be, a market slump – or in the worst case scenario, a collapse – can leave one with a giant ole hole in their wallet and bank account.

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Boraie; the visionary and Unstoppable Real Estate Developer of New Brunswick NJ

Boraie Development and The Provident Bank Foundation proudly announced their sponsorship for the return of Free Summer Movies Series. This annual Community Access Initiative will enable around 7,500 people to enjoy a variety of free events at the state theatre. Tickets will be free for each of the six movies, and the audience will choose either the 10:30 am or 7:00 pm schedule. This will be a great opportunity for the youth in the community to enjoy quality bonding time with their families and friends in the 1921 historic state theatre. The theatre which features a 46 inch Stewart screen, a digital sound system and a Barco projector will give the audience a unique experience. The theatre has been renovated to its glory Hollywood days and now has a seating capacity of 1,850. The movie lovers can choose to view the movies either from the balcony or downstairs. The movie revellers will be treated to three movies in July namely: Frozen on 12th, Extra Terrestrial on 19th, and Despicable Me 2 on 26th. In August they will enjoy Babe on 2nd, Monsters University on 9th and Aladdin on 16th. An article published by Central Jersey Working Moms.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development a privately owned firm by Omar Boraie. It is located in New Brunswick in New Jersey. It offers services spanning from real estate development, property management to sales and marketing. They have an impressive 30-year record in developing real estates and properties, making them the most reputable development corporation with brokers in New Jersey. In their real estate development, they collaborate with financial partners, contractors, and architects to complete all their targets within the set deadline. Over the past 20 years, they have remained unbeatable in their sales volume of any office space in New Brunswick.

According to Philly Purge, Omar is credited for bringing New Brunswick to the beautiful, classy city it currently is today. He bought 21 dilapidated buildings and restored the glory of the city by building the Albany Street Tower One in the 80s and 90s and tower two, which is adjacent to tower one, was completed in 2003. He also built the tallest building in downtown New Brunswick which features residential units, office space, retail space, and garage space. The building which features the New York condominium style was completed in 2007, and within two months it was completely sold out. His latest development The Aspire on Somerset Street features luxurious residential buildings, and next generation office space.

Boraie’s desire to see the mushrooming of quality commercial offices will put him to task as he looks forward to his next project of designing Albany Street Tower Three.


Rowers Reaching for Their 12th National Title

Orange Coast College is one of America’s best transfer schools, and is located in Costa Mesa. This is just off of the coast of southern California. Although it is a community college, the rowing program at Orange College has been facing four year universities for years. Yet, they do not bat an eye. Despite going against seemingly superior opponents, they are going for their 12th National Title in rowing. Daniel Amado, a member of the novice rowing team, says that ,”rowing makes you strong enough to bounce back.”

Although this rowing team has accomplished such a difficult and legendary feat, they have received little to no recognition for their accomplishments. The mental fortitude of these rowers is just one characteristics that have brought them great success in their endeavors. They openly talk about the sweat and physical toil that goes into rowing on a consistent basis (practicing six days a week with a difficult regimen). A very low percentage of rowing teams have the chance to make it as far as they have. Read more: Orange Coast Colleg | Facebook

Steve Morris, the men’s assistant coach for rowing, has been with the team for years. When he isn’t at practice pushing his athletes along, he is thinking about what he will do to push them further next practice. He has coached this team through many titles. Morris says that rowing is an art. This may be why he does such a good job at coaching his athletes.

He knows that every detail counts. The fact is – many of the students that participate in the rowing team have never even touched an oar before attending college. This is one of the reasons why it is even more impressive that they are competing on such an elite level.

Orange Coast College is one of the nation’s largest community colleges, and it was established in 1948. It offers students over 135 academic programs. It boasts the latest technologies in their facilities, and full accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and colleges.

In addition, Orange County College transfers an extremely high number of students to California in comparison to other schools. Many start their education at Orange Coast and transfer to private universities.

Vincent Parascandola and leadership development at AXA Advisors LLC


Vincent Parascandola is one of New York City’s finest professional development consultants and business leaders. With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, Parascandola is the force behind the success stories of hundreds of financial managers in the United States. AXA Advisors LLC, his current employer, is a retail distribution and brokerage unit of the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. AXA life Insurance Company is a leading national life insurance and financial protection firm. With more than 6,000 professionals, AXA Advisors LLC offers strategic, investment, and financial protection consultancy services to AXA insurance and its clients.

Parascandola career excellence dates back to the year 1987 when he was working as an agent with Prudential. His exemplary performance at the firm that year earned him the National Rookie of the Year title. In the year 1990, he shifted to Mony Life Insurance where he worked till he joined AXA Equitable in the year 2004. At Mony Life Insurance, Vincent Parascandola held various local and regional management positions that enabled him to amaze vast experience in leadership and management. His performance at Mony was amazing, and this saw many firms vouching for his experience and skills in Insurance and Leadership. He settled for AXA Equitable due to its large size and diversity that guaranteed numerous opportunities for growth.

After joining AXA Equitable in 2004, Parascandola rose steadily to become a vice president at one of its subsidiary units: AXA Advisors LLC. Before becoming an executive vice president at AXA Advisors LLC, Parascandola had served as the chairperson of the Advantage Group, an affiliate unit of AXA Equitable. Here, he was charged with attracting talented and experienced professionals to work at the firm. Today as an executive vice president at AXA Advisors LLC, he is responsible for sales and the development of experienced financial professionals. He is in charge of recruiting, retention, productivity, and career growth of these professionals.

His vast experience and brilliant performance have earned him various management awards and leadership positions. He has a GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Award to his name and is a highly sought-after speaker. Parascandola is also a member of the GAMA and has held various leadership positions there. As a highly sought-after speaker, he has spoken at various regional and national GAMA conferences, including the LAMP and LIMRA conferences. He is an alumnus of New York’s PACE University and Xaverian High school.

Ricardo Tosto; Pioneer of Litigation in Brazil Law Industries

Ricardo Tosto; Pioneer of Litigation in Brazil

The Brazilian legal system is based on civil law systems from Portugal and Germany. The constitution of the country was created and passed in October 1988. Brazil has one of the highest numbers of law school programs in the world. They are more than a thousand. The country has nearly a million lawyers. A significant portion of them works in Sao Paulo followed by Rio de Janeiro. Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer and partner at Leite, Tosto e Barros. Leite, Tosto e Barros is a renowned litigation law firm in Brazil. He is one of the founders of Leite, Tosto e Barros. He has worked there since 1991. Ricardo Tosto is involved in overseeing the cases that the firm is pursuing.

Ricardo Tosto has represented many clients in some of the biggest cases in Brazil including politicians and corporations. Ricado Tosto was involved in a civil lawsuit against the construction of a hydro-electric plant in southern Brazil. The suit was based on an incomplete environmental assessment. The firm successfully defended their client. The law firm does pro bono work. Around thirty lawyers work on these cases at any time. Most of the new hires are given pro bono work so that they can gain experience.

Ricardo earned a Law degree from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Ricardo Tosto also attended the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation where he studied Business Administration. Ricardo Tosto has played a huge role in the shaping of the legal system of the country because of some of the mechanisms that he developed. Ricardo Tosto is a member of the Latin American Association of Corporate Law. This means that he is qualified and competent to represent corporate clients at the highest level. He is involved in the running of the firm. His leadership has been instrumental in its success.

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Ricardo Tosto: Ace Corporate Lawyer In Brazil

In the legal field, Ricardo Tosto is a highly well-known name in Brazil. He is known for his incredible knowledge and skill when it comes to working for companies and providing them with legal solutions. With the blooming economic scene that Brazil has been experiencing, more and more companies are now coming into existence. With that, the need for corporate lawyers is on the rise, with names like Ricardo Tosto at the top of these companies lists.

Ricardo Tosto is excellent when it comes to corporate litigation and being able to help businesses with the issues that they face. He has worked with numerous clients through the years, which has contributed to the experience in the field that he has today. During this time, he has represented an extensive list of companies and people, giving them the advice and strategy that they need to follow to ensure that their legalities are in place. Ricardo Tosto is brilliant at these corporate cases, which is why he is a lawyer in such high demand.

Ricardo Tosto started out as an associate and has worked his way up the corporate ladder to reach where he is today. He has incredible legal knowledge and skill, which helps him deal with his cases in a more efficient manner. He also possesses a great power of foresight and being able to tell the course of action that the cases are taking. Using this skill, he has helped companies always to stay prepared in the face of any adversary.

Even though it may seem that Ricardo Tosto is an incredibly career oriented person, he also does have an interest in other fields. One of them is the need to help people. Ricardo Tosto believes that it is his responsibility to assist those who do not have the privilege to lead healthy lives. He has worked with and donated to numerous different charities which are centered around the principle of helping the upliftment of society. Ricardo Tosto also takes on pro bono cases and fights for those who do not have the means to get Brazilian lawyers and fight their court cases.