Equities First Holdings, LLC Offers Alternatives for Capital

Equities First Holdings, LLC is an investment company focusing on stock based lending services for individual investors and commercial and business clients. Equities First Holdings, founded in 2002, operates its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana with locations worldwide.

The company provides loans based on the future performance and associated risk associated with stocks, bonds and treasury bills. The success of the company is largely due to the very talented and highly experienced team of individuals in the financial industry.

The team at Equities First Holdings prides itself on developing individual strategies to meet the goals and needs of the clients. They develop long time relationships with clients and that relation is based on trust and confidence the clients have with Equities First Holdings. The company has completed almost a thousand successful transactions ranging from individuals with a high net worth and worldwide companies.

Equities First Holdings offers a straight forward individualized process that allows clients quick access to liquidity at rates below market value by utilizing shares that are publicly traded as collateral. Because of the success of the company, Equities First Holdings has been able to increase the investment management staff and its base of operations. They provide top quality customer service and management and operations experience. The company continually invests in the company as they continue to experience growth.

Equities First Holdings works with some of the largest commercial banks, investment banks, as well as local and international law firms. The philosophy of Equities First Holdings is to bring innovative solutions to an ever evolving client base. Future growth is predicted to be explosive worldwide as Equities First Holdings continues with its current model that allows low interest stock based loans and a high loan to value ratio. This thinking and investment execution offers protection form a stock market that performs with volatility.

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