One Planet Awards Honors Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is the Gold Winner of the One Planet Awards’ CEO of the Year Award 2016. The chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group was presented with the award in January 2016. The prestigious award is reserved for individuals and businesses that have exhibited excellence in their respective industries. There is no geographical restriction to the companies that are allowed to submit their nominations for the prize. Start-ups, large corporations, for-profit, private, public, and non-profit organizations are eligible for the esteemed award.

One Planet Awards is a professional body that seeks to recognize the successes made by individuals and corporations. The company’s awards are categorized in many sections. Each section is awarded independently. Some of the standard categories are marketing, PR, teams, executives, new products and services, and corporate communications.

McQuagge was awarded for his contributions to USHEALTH Group. The executive leader joined the company in 2010 as the chief executive officer. He was appointed to this position to help in formulating a business strategy that would enable the business grow and make higher returns. One of his main areas of focus was rebuilding USHEALTH Advisor’s distribution network. In just four years, the executive leader had achieved all the set goals. This achievement saw the group’s board appoint him to serve as the president and CEO. Presently, his role is to ensure that the company continues to grow and establish itself in the competitive health industry.

Speaking at the event,Troy McQuagge said that everyone at USHEALTH Group had contributed to the award. He thanked the staff at the company for their cooperation and hard work. Troy noted that the firm was not going to slow down on its commitment to providing affordable health care services to the public.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is a renowned executive leader. He is the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group. Under his leadership, he has helped the insurance company to improve its revenues and become a market leader. Previously, he worked for the HealthMarket as the president of its Agency Marketing Group. He is an alumnus of the University of Central Florida.

McQuagge has won several awards, including 2016 Gold Award-CEO of the Year and 2016 Gold Award-Most Innovative CEO of the Year. This is a reflection of the high quality of leadership provided by the executive leader. Troy continues to inspire and motivate his employees to enhance their productivity.


George Soros’ Philanthropic Endeavors

George Soros, the fund manager of New York Hedge, is recognized as one of the most politically powerful people on earth. From the early 80’s, he has helped fix political difficulties in many countries. Being rich, as he is worth $13 billion and a further $25 billion in investments, he is very influential. He describes himself as a missionary aimed at transforming the world into a better place, as well as a god or reformer the level of Einstein. Being an atheist, George Soros has made some controversial quotes such as saying he is invisible, benevolent and all-seeing.

Soros was born in Hungary on August 12, 1930 to Tividar and Erzebat Schwartz. In 1947, the family moved to England where he studied Economics in the London School of Economics. While in university, George Soros was exposed to the works of Karl Popper who became his spiritual mentor. Soros relocated to New York in 1956 to work as a stock trader on Wall Street, but later got a position at the investment bank known as Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder as the portfolio manager on Politico. In 1969, he came up with the Double Eagle Fund for Bleichroeder, and four years later set up a private partnership named Soros Fund Management, which grew to $1 billion by 1985.

Soros began narrating his story of philanthropy in 1979. In Hungary, he launched the first Open Society Foundation that was aimed at building vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens. He invested a lot of money in this, especially when he opened an office in Moscow. Soros continued to expand this foundation, and today it is active in more than 70 countries around the world. He opened another foundation on funneling its capital into American group and causes: this was the Open Society Institute. Soros described the institute as one that stands for freedom, democracy, human rights, social justice and a sane universe.

George Soros has been a supporter of refugees for a long time. In September 2016, he promised that his foundation would invest $500 million towards helping refugees and immigrants, especially those from Europe. His drive towards this is obvious having been born in Hungary and living in London before migrating to the United States of America. Soros also played an important part in funding the Women’s March on Washington in January 2017 to protest the agendas and policies of President Donald Trump on He also supported the mass migration of middle easterners into Europe in October 2015 when the Hungarian Prime Minister had announced that Muslim immigration was endangering Christian roots. His support for anti- Israel and Islamist groups was thus clear.

Through this resistant against Trump’s policies, Soros was privileged to work with the Clinton family and President Barrack Obama. George was 19th in 2016s Forbes list.

Equities First Holdings, LLC Offers Alternatives for Capital

Equities First Holdings, LLC is an investment company focusing on stock based lending services for individual investors and commercial and business clients. Equities First Holdings, founded in 2002, operates its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana with locations worldwide.

The company provides loans based on the future performance and associated risk associated with stocks, bonds and treasury bills. The success of the company is largely due to the very talented and highly experienced team of individuals in the financial industry.

The team at Equities First Holdings prides itself on developing individual strategies to meet the goals and needs of the clients. They develop long time relationships with clients and that relation is based on trust and confidence the clients have with Equities First Holdings. The company has completed almost a thousand successful transactions ranging from individuals with a high net worth and worldwide companies.

Equities First Holdings offers a straight forward individualized process that allows clients quick access to liquidity at rates below market value by utilizing shares that are publicly traded as collateral. Because of the success of the company, Equities First Holdings has been able to increase the investment management staff and its base of operations. They provide top quality customer service and management and operations experience. The company continually invests in the company as they continue to experience growth.

Equities First Holdings works with some of the largest commercial banks, investment banks, as well as local and international law firms. The philosophy of Equities First Holdings is to bring innovative solutions to an ever evolving client base. Future growth is predicted to be explosive worldwide as Equities First Holdings continues with its current model that allows low interest stock based loans and a high loan to value ratio. This thinking and investment execution offers protection form a stock market that performs with volatility.

George Street Photography & Video In Ft. Myers, Florida

George Street Photography & Video is a concept originating in Indiana by several young photographers. The idea is to have local photographers, and video artists collaborate on single projects, under the George Street name. George Street is the location where the original project was started.

By having several professionals cooperate on the same projects such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduations and other festive occasions, a more professional and spectacular memory can be achieved.

Cities and locations have their memorable venues, such as in Ft. Myers, Florida, where the Heitman House offers a beautiful and elegant venue for weddings. The Plantation Golf and Country Club is another elegant and pristine location with all of the necessary amenities for a beautiful wedding.

Another unique and beautiful location is the Burroughs Home and Gardens, built in 1901 for a local businessman. There are so much more great places for any event, and you can be sure that the professionals from George Street will make the occasion at these beautiful locations, a great occasion. To read more, visit


Clay Siegall Efforts to Eliminate Cancer

Clay Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics. He is currently the CEO and a member of the board of directors of the company. Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company with its headquarters in Bothell, Washington, United States. The company has been in operation since 1998. Seattle Genetics primary vision is to conduct research and develop various antibodies needed for cancer treatment therapies. With over twenty years’ experience in cancer research and cancer drugs development, Clay Siegall has aided a lot in the success of Seattle Genetics Company. Before co-founding Seattle Genetics, Mr. Siegall previously worked with various institutions like National Cancer Institute and the National Health Institute between 1988 and 1991, and later the Bristol Meyers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from 1991 to 1997.

Mr. Siegall has enabled the Seattle Genetics company to attain its current leadership position involving the production of Antibody-drug Conjugates (ADCs). In 2011, Mr. Siegall helped the company secure Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approval for ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin), its first ADC product. ADCETRIS is a drug designed to help prevent complications arising as a result of cancer therapies. Since then, ADCETRIS has been in use in more than sixty countries worldwide. Mr. Siegall has also aided in the Seattle Genetics’ revenue raising activities. He has secured billions through both public and private financing.

Several media outlets have featured Clay Siegall. In May 2015, Seaport World Trade Center’s Pegs Boston interviewed Mr. Siegall about the future of Seattle Genetics and the ADECTRIS drug. The interview happened before the release of ADC drug by FDA. Later on, in September 2016, a report by Hackryonm indicated that indeed Seattle Genetics had received a stamp of approval for the ADC drug. Mr. Siegall is a man driven by desire to find the cure for cancer, a disease that consumes thousands of lives annually. His company is frequently advancing in the production of more potent antibodies that aid in attacking cancer cells.


Working for the Wessex Institute of Technology

There are a lot of people today who are looking for jobs. In the technology and education field, there are a lot of opportunities to check out. The Wessex Institute of Technology is a great school that a lot of people are excited about. In the past few years, the school has made a lot of investments into research and education that they are excited about. If you are looking for a job, the Wessex Institute of Technology is a great place to go. Check out their website to get an idea of the types of jobs that are offered in this area. Not only will it help you with your career, but it can also give you an idea of what you are going to be doing in this area over the long term. Are you ready to take your career to the next level? If so, the Wessex Institute of Technology is for you.  Based on

Steering Your Company Into Success With Reputation Management

There is a reason that companies will hire a public relations specialist to handle the media and Internet affairs. Public relations is integral to the future of the company. A public scandal or indecent affairs by one of the CEOs can lead to bankruptcy. If an entrepreneur is in the public spotlight for something that she did, whether having an affair, taking the wrong stance on a controversial political issue or cheating on her diet, there could be a lot of consequences, including even the loss of her business. But there are few measures that she can take to help to establish her reputation before some future, unknown incident does. In this article, Forbes offers a few guidelines.

Become Known For Charitable Endeavors

People love the story of a hero. They want to hear about the person makes sacrifices for a cause that they believe in. Find something that you have always wanted to devote your time to and then do it. It does not have to be fake, as though you were putting a show for your audience. But find something that you really care about, is not controversial and can make an impact in the world. By doing that, you will [1] actually do some good and [2] begin to develop a positive reputation.

Google Yourself

This one can be a little scary. You never know what people on the Internet might be saying about you. But you will need to power through it. suggests that if there is something bad that is out there, you have to deal with it. If you do not, then that blogpost, comment or review could be detrimental to your reputation. It could define you. If it is a smear campaign initiated by a rival company, then you can take measures to either bury the story or have it removed (depending on whether it is actual libel against you). Googling yourself will provide insight into what people think of you. Include a few keywords such as “good”, “bad”, or “customer service.” When you see what people are saying about you, you will know what direction you need to go.


Busy Moms Choose Wen Cleansing Conditioner

Busy Moms know they often have two minutes in the shower before chaos breaks out in the household and cries of “Moooooom!!!” pull them away from their suds. As such, Wen is the product of choice to get a quality spa experience in your shower, while replacing 5 hair products with one by using Wen Cleansing Conditioner.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner will replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner and will do so without the use of harsh sulfates that strip hair of natural oils. In place of chemicals Wen utilizes all natural ingredients including glycerin, chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract and panthenol.


Wen Cleansing Conditioner in the shower can be followed up by other Wen products such as Wen Nourishing Mousse giving you style without that sticky yucky feeling of other mousse products or Wen Anti-Frizz Smoothing Creme to strengthen and smooth hair. Or for those moments when Mom doesn’t have time for a spa day, she can steal a few moments for an at home spa treatment using Wen Re-Moist Intensive Hair Treatment.

Additionally, you can feel good about using Wen not only for the soft manageable hair it will give you, but also because all Wen products are manufactured in the United States and are not subject to animal testing.

Learn more about Chaz Dean at

Maggie Gill–CEO of Memorial Health–Creates a Sunnier Environment for the Healthcare Populace of Savannah Georgia in Her Role as CEO at MUMC:

People like strong leaders: such persons provide a strong, needed footing in their communities–and not everyone is born to lead. However, if anyone is born to lead, it is Maggie Gill. Maggie Gill is the illustrious CEO at MUMC. Memorial University Medical Center is a medical institution located within the sunny southern metropolis of beautiful Savannah, Georgia.


Maggie Gill, in her role as MUMC’s leader, oversees many areas within the healthcare institution. She does so in a highly efficient and discerning manner. Some of the areas which Maggie Gill oversees include:


The Internal Audit Function of the Organization;

The Memorial Health University Physicians, known by the acronym of MHUP;

The Orthopedic and Neuroscience Programs;

The Heart & Vascular Institute;

The Financial Aid Area;

Perioperative Services;

Corporate Communications;

Trauma Services; and

Facilities Management.


Ms. Gill establishes a rapport, as well, with governmental entities, and oversees that firm communications are carried forth, as it pertains to internal and outside vendors and members of staff.


It is true to “Gill style” that Maggie Gill believes in establishing the highest level of healthcare service, for the folks in the Savannah, Georgia community; assuring cost-savings mechanisms are put into place.


Maggie Gill, in order to meet the community’s expectations, always puts her best foot forward, in aligning herself with healthcare partners that believe: “If it is not broken do not fix it and if it needs remedy: well then, that is what great healthcare service is all about.” As it pertains to the preceding observation, one that is offered by the author, Ms. Gill has stated that she believes it is essential that preventative measures are required, in assuring the community lives a more healthful mode of living. She secondly, has demonstrated, that when healthcare is truly required: that service levels need not be minimized, in order to save the consumer money.


She has demonstrated, quite nicely, in fact, that the consumer can achieve the greatest in healthcare service without sacrificing the entirety of money within his or her pocketbook or wallet. One such example is Ms. Gill’s partnership with the insurance provider Eon Health. Eon Health serves two southern regions and is greatly in tune with Ms. Gill’s logic of providing quality health at the most minimal cost.


Too: they believe, like Ms. Gill, that preventative health assures that the consumer need only visit a hospital when the need is apparent or unavoidable. Otherwise, by the customer practicing a healthy mode of living, he or she affords, much, in the way of a fuller life.


Maggie and her team have heart. Ms. Gill’s dedication to the healthcare populace is undeniably apparent. She continually makes it her objective to provide the utmost in compassionate and outstanding healthcare–without the disagreeable price tag; attached.

Julie Zuckerberg; the talent acquisition expert

Julie has had different positions in her career, but it is her talent acquisition skills that have put her in the roadmap of success. Having worked with companies like Deutsche Bank and the Citi Bank, Julia has become a force to reckon within the talent acquisition industry.


Her career officially kicked off in 2002 when he joined the Hudson company. In this company, she was in charge of the candidate placement where she was the director. She worked in this position for five years before leaving the company in 2007 to join Citi a renowned bank. In Citi, she was the vice president and the executive recruiter a position she operated in for six years. She was first the executive recruiter for Citi global functions and later and executive recruiter for Citi Global consumer bank.

In November 2013, she left Citi bank to work at the New York Life insurance company. She was however with the company for only four months. She left the company in February 2014, and two months later she secured a job at the Deutsche Bank. This is what shaped her career. She joined the company as the vice president, executive recruiter and talent acquisition. She worked in this position for one year. She was later promoted to the executive talent acquisition lead under the private, wealth and commercial clients. She is still working on the same position today.


In her career, she has managed to recruit different professionals including the paralegals and attorneys. She has not only managed to recruit directors but has also been able to draft different contracts for the MDs.

She has partnered with managers and also business partners. She has created and indispensable reputation by leading negotiation of business deals and contracts. Global talent acquisition is also something she has been involved in. The audit, strategy, regional management, finance and investor relations are some of the skills she has shown in her various projects.

Providing strategic direction for the different companies has been her forte.

She is a member of different professional groups that include;

« Citi alumni

« Corporate recruiters

« Recruiting professionals

« Human resources

« Society of recruiters

Education and skills

She attended City University of New York-Brooklyn where she did her studies in Philosophy. She also attended the New York Law School.

In her career, she has experienced different skills including.’

« Talent acquisition

« Talent management

« Corporate recruiting

« Executive Staffing

« Employee training

« Management

« Human resources

« Behavioral interviewing

« Outsourcing

« Change in Management and succession planning

« Applicant tracking

« Sourcing

« Conflict resources

« Coaching

« Team leadership

Outside of her work, she has been involved and is interested in different ventures;

« Civil rights

« Social action

« Human rights

« Science and technology

« Arts and culture

« Economic empowerment

« Animal welfare

Julia Zuckerberg lives in Manhattan, and she has developed interesting hobbies including art, food, photography and running.