The True Proof of the Value of Kabbalah

That is why, in addition to courses and events, the Kabbalah Center created the Kabbalah Center’s Charitable Foundation. The Foundation is committed to sharing financial and other resources with people in need, as well as creating programs that benefit the local and global community. This is accomplished by identifying urgent needs in the world, and by creating effective responses to these individual circumstances. It is mainly volunteer students from the Kabbalah Center who are responsible for these programs. Volunteering is one of the most powerful ways of using the wisdom and tools of the Kabbalah and putting them into practice. Sharing with others is how miracles manifest in our lives. The Kabbalah is a movement that does not remain motionless. It is an active, living, and constantly growing force. She builds with the efforts and the Light brought by her volunteers. Each individual comes with his or her own magic. If you are interested in bringing your magic to one of our charitable projects, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at your Kabbalah Center. The Centers approach is comprehensive, compassionate and effective and without being hampered by bureaucratic and administrative barriers.

By contemplating of Kabbalah, we figure out how to complete our fate. Now and again we disregard the way that we have not prevailing with regards to fulfilling our fate. This sentiment disappointment overwhelms in majority people sooner or later in their lives. What’s more, shockingly, the more we endeavor to fulfill our fate, the more it breaks us. Satisfying one’s predetermination” does not mean encountering brief bliss or prosperity, for we have all encountered with fugitive moments of satisfaction. The word “Kabbalah” can have many different meanings according to the people who use that term. In a word, it is a very old wisdom that reveals the functioning of life and the universe. In the literal sense, the word Kabbalah means “to receive”.

When we talk about connecting ourselves to the energy that will enable us to accomplish our destiny, we mean that we will be connected to this energy in a sustainable and even permanent way. Kabbalah is a very old and yet entirely new paradigm that teaches us how to live. It teaches us that all areas of our life – health, relationships with others, business – have the same origin and root. It is a technology that explains how the universe works at the fundamental level. This is a totally new way of perceiving the world that can bring you the peace and serenity you may be looking.

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James Dondero Offers a Million-Dollar Challenge to The Family Place to Finish the $16.5 Million Capital Campaign

The president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P., James Dondero has announced that the firm has offered a $1 million matching grant to assist The Family Place to raise the remaining $2.8 million for its Legacy Campaign.

The announcement was made on 4th October during The Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Awards Luncheon at the Hilton Anatole. The Family Place is Dallas’ leading agency supporting victims of family violence.

The grant will match half of any funds raised for the capital campaign up to $1 million from the date of announcement until April 4, 2017. The grant was provided via Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc., the philanthropic department of Highland Capital Management.

Dondero said that the grant answers a call to action by Dallas Police Chief David Brown and Mayor Mr. Rawlings for the community to help in solving the life-threatening problem in Dallas.

Since the grant was announced, The Family Place has raised an additional $200,000 toward the campaign. The amount will match with the Highland’s grant of $100,000. The challenge grant offered by Highland Capital Management ensures that The Family Place finishes the campaign of reaching $16.5 million. Learn more about James Dandero:

About James Dondero

James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management with his partner Mark Okada in 1993. He serves as the president of the firm where he oversees Highland’s investment operations and strategies for both institutional and retail products. According to Crunchbase, James Dondero has dealt with equity and credit market for more than three decades, concentrating mainly on distressed and high-yield investing.

Since he co-founded Highland Capital Management, Dondero has been an integral part in developing Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market and credit-oriented products for retail and institutional investors across the world. Highland Capital Management offers various solutions for institutions like including hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity funds, ETFs, and REITs.

James Dondero is a University of Virginia alumnus specialized in accounting and finance. He has earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). Additionally, Mr. Dondero is the Chairman of the Board for CCS Medical Corporation, NexBank, and Cornerstone Healthcare.

Doug Levitt – the Singer/Song Writer Founds the Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt established Greyhound Diaries as a way of expressing and sharing the journey stories of other struggling travelers. Levitt musical career name is Greyhound Diaries. His bus-traveling career has lasted more than a decade while using the Greyhound Bus to cover more than 100,000 miles since the start of his project. Bus travel has yielded songs, pictures, and stories of fellow travelers.


His project has resulted in significant media attention and coverage. Levitt has been featured on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, Reuters, Billboard, and The Wall Street Journal. Before commencing Greyhound Bus traveling career, Levitt was working as a foreign correspondent for CNN, ABC, and MSNBC. He was based in London and was dispatching from Rwanda, Iran, Bosnia, and among other countries.


Levitt went to Cornell University for his undergraduate studies. He was a student of the late author and astrophysicist Carl Sagan. Through the Fulbright Scholarship, he attended London School of Economics where he earned a master’s degree in International Relations. In London, Levitt changed his career from foreign correspondence to sing-songwriting profession. He, later on, moved to Nashville, where he established long-term relations with David Henry – a notable American producer.


The personal journey of poverty and suffering is a matter of great media and popular culture attention in America. The stories feature the experience of the struggling and suffering in our society. It is not uncommon to note that many of families and individuals are struggling to get through life. Through his Greyhound Diaries project, Levitt has brought the stories of US poverty to the world’s attention. He has succeeded in do so by writing novels, writing song lyrics and singing, and capturing and sharing more than 20,000 photographs.


He admitted to growing up in a resource rich family in which at one point his mother was a council member at Washington DC for Cornell University. By growing up in Washington DC, he confessed to having little contact with the lower classes in his younger years. He compensated for the knowledge gap where he majored in a musical career to write stories and sing about the struggling persons in our society.

Discover The Benefits Of FDIC Insured Banking Practices

Do you wish your money could can interest? Do you feel like big banks are advertising with high end celebrities and trickling the cost down to you? NexBank has been named one of the fastest growing banks by PRN Newswire. Their innovative technology has caused over 46,000+ new customers nationwide to join the bank. They offer a no fuss way to start an account with an easy over the internet approval process. Once your approved, you will have immediate access to your money and many promotional offers associated with NexBank. They give their customers superior banking services that allows them to manage their money from any time and any where.


NexBank Online Services


– Free checks

– Free direct deposit

– Online bill pay

Mortgage accounts

– IRA accounts

– Interest bearing saving account

– Commercial accounts

– College savings programs

– Any time access

– View current balance and history

and much more…


They have an impressive $4B dollars in stocks and bonds and continue to make their investors happy. The long-term strategy of their customers is to promote the growth of their bank and provide their customers with 100% customer satisfaction.


You never have to worry about your money just sitting there with their interest bearing accounts. They allow you to gain 1.9% interest after 90 days. They also have partnered with New Jersey based College Savings Bank to allow their customers the opportunity to take part in over 1,600+ college savings programs that will save them on tuition and other college expenses. They provide their customers with superior features that will give them lower fees, mortgage payments, and installment payments. You’e invited to visit the NexBank official website for more details on their accounts, programs, and promotional offers today.

Evolution Of Smooth Is Taking Over Personal Care

The Little Sphere That Could

The success of Evolution of Smooth gives insight to amazing power of what happens when you don’t overlook key details. The lip balm industry isn’t something anyone would have taken as an opportunity to build a Millennial brand, but this is what cofounder Sanjiv Mehra has managed to do. EOS lip balm sells millions of units a week and has already generated $250 million in revenue. Apparently, Millennials love what she is selling to them and the brand continues to grow.

Reaching For The Right Customer

The target demographic for Evolution of Smooth is the Millennial woman. Women are much more likely to purchase lip balm than men, but most brands attempt to target both genders. Evolution of Smooth decided the best course of action was to target young women. EOS lip balm made itself the most prominent advertiser in the market with product placements in music videos, countless selfies, and a strong social media presence. This appears to have paid off as Evolution of Smooth is one of the most beloved brands in general by Millennial women. The appeal of EOS goes well beyond the lip balm market. EOS lip balm products are available on the shelves of retail stores like Walmart and Target ( Online stores like Amazon and eBay stock EOS products too.

Where Everything Goes From Here

Beyond lip balm the Evolution of Smooth brand continues to expand into new markets with more personal care products. You can now find EOS lotions and EOS shaving creams for purchase. The geniuses behind Evolution of Smooth understood very well how to build a brand with staying power. Whenever young people attach themselves to a brand, they tend to stay with that brand for the rest of their lives. Evolution of Smooth is a brand with a future ahead of it. The lip balm industry wasn’t taken too seriously, but now everyone is rethinking how Evolution of Smooth grew into the success it is today.


Common Errors Among Novice Photographers -Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

There are one too many mistakes that upcoming photographers make innocently. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, a photography enthusiast, highlights these faults hoping to school the new kids on the block.

There are times when blurs are needed in a picture to highlight certain features. When a photographer is able to achieve this, the photo looks great. Accidental blurs on the other hand are terrible to say the least. The shutter speed on your camera has to be a level more than its focal length if you are to shot a great picture.

Great photography on entails management of colors. In order to achieve a good balance, you ought to use your camera’s monitor to ensure that it has a reasonable color calibration. It is not rare to find photographers who are themselves impressed by their shots only to be criticized for the same. Another thing new photographers like is to have their pictures appear as paintings. Without noticing it, the painting like picture appears awkward due to increased saturation.

Composition and Proximity
If you are to take a picture close, choose a wide lens and try contrast. A properly composed picture will not tilt, it will sit straight.

High Dynamic Range overuse
The dynamic range refers to the difference seen between the darkest dark and brightest light you capture in your photos. When your subject goes beyond your camera’s HDR on, the highlights become white and the dark parts become black blobs on your photo.

New photographers wrongly believe the following:

Traveling photography
Many photographers sadly believe that good photos are shot when one is out there: out of his/her home area or town. If carrying a camera around does not do it for you, use your phone’s camera to capture photos.

Like painting and creative art, theme is what helps art to stand out one from the other. Young photographers should strive to learn the theme of their work, their inspiration.

Lots of Photos
You should not limit yourself to a certain number of pictures. Shot pictures and then separate the good ones from those that are not good. Display the good ones and see.

Many new photographers fail to see the consistency in their work and that of others. Consistency will be informed by theme. If you know your theme, then you will get cohesion and consistency.

Adrian Jose
He was born in Venezuela and grew up to appreciate art. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa holds many positions in Panama businesses and is senior in the business community of Panama.

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