Mike Baur’s Successful Business Tips

As more people graduate from colleges comes the need for more job opportunities. Nonetheless, a large portion of youths is yet to secure jobs. As such, a significant part of youths seeks employment through entrepreneurship. However, starting a business is challenging; hence the need to understand the procedures and tips for success in business. Mike Baur is an entrepreneur with interest in empowering thriving digital entrepreneurs through mentoring and financial aid. He was born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland. Mr. Baur’s interest for Banking and Finance started as a teenager.


Swiss Startup Factory


With an extensive background in Finance, Mike Baur teamed up with his two business partners to start the Swiss Start-up Factory in 2014. Swiss Start-up Factory ranks as the leading independently financed ICT start-up firm in Switzerland. Mike Baur devotes a significant portion of his practice empowering young digital entrepreneurs financially and morally. Mr. Baur mentors and provides financial aid to young digital entrepreneurs. With over two decades of experience in the banking industry, Mr. Baur has exceptional entrepreneurial skills.


Swiss Accelerator Program


The Swiss Start-up Factory launched an accelerator program geared towards strengthening the Swiss Start-up Ecosystem. The Swiss Start-up accelerator program is scheduled for 2014. The program is inspired by the need to advance the Swiss Start-up Ecosystem. The program supported the creation of global-scale firms that transforms the existing norms, products, and business strategies. The three-month-long accelerator program offers the following services;



The Swiss Start-up Factory Accelerator program brings entrepreneurs together to explore successful business ideas. The program exposes entrepreneurs to digital technology, business ideas, and extended entrepreneurial networks. Young digital entrepreneurs regard Swiss Start-up Factory as an investment advisory firm that helps youths realize their dreams.


Mike Baur’s roles at Swiss Startup Factory


Riding on the success of Swiss Start-up Factory, Mike Baur initiated the development of more accelerator programs such as Struckd, a program that creates games using mobile application. Later on, Mike Baur launched the Blinkers to develop safety equipment for cyclists. The Blinkers give cyclists a right turning signal. Besides Blinkers and Struckd, Mr. Baur unveiled the Carhelper, an app that alerts a driver when a car needs repair. Carhelper uses different quotes from three prominent vehicle manufacturers.


Education Background


Mike Baur attended Rochester University to pursue a degree in Business Administration. Later one, he enrolled at the University of Bern for Executive MBA.

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