Mike Baur’s Successful Business Tips

As more people graduate from colleges comes the need for more job opportunities. Nonetheless, a large portion of youths is yet to secure jobs. As such, a significant part of youths seeks employment through entrepreneurship. However, starting a business is challenging; hence the need to understand the procedures and tips for success in business. Mike Baur is an entrepreneur with interest in empowering thriving digital entrepreneurs through mentoring and financial aid. He was born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland. Mr. Baur’s interest for Banking and Finance started as a teenager.


Swiss Startup Factory


With an extensive background in Finance, Mike Baur teamed up with his two business partners to start the Swiss Start-up Factory in 2014. Swiss Start-up Factory ranks as the leading independently financed ICT start-up firm in Switzerland. Mike Baur devotes a significant portion of his practice empowering young digital entrepreneurs financially and morally. Mr. Baur mentors and provides financial aid to young digital entrepreneurs. With over two decades of experience in the banking industry, Mr. Baur has exceptional entrepreneurial skills.


Swiss Accelerator Program


The Swiss Start-up Factory launched an accelerator program geared towards strengthening the Swiss Start-up Ecosystem. The Swiss Start-up accelerator program is scheduled for 2014. The program is inspired by the need to advance the Swiss Start-up Ecosystem. The program supported the creation of global-scale firms that transforms the existing norms, products, and business strategies. The three-month-long accelerator program offers the following services;



The Swiss Start-up Factory Accelerator program brings entrepreneurs together to explore successful business ideas. The program exposes entrepreneurs to digital technology, business ideas, and extended entrepreneurial networks. Young digital entrepreneurs regard Swiss Start-up Factory as an investment advisory firm that helps youths realize their dreams.


Mike Baur’s roles at Swiss Startup Factory


Riding on the success of Swiss Start-up Factory, Mike Baur initiated the development of more accelerator programs such as Struckd, a program that creates games using mobile application. Later on, Mike Baur launched the Blinkers to develop safety equipment for cyclists. The Blinkers give cyclists a right turning signal. Besides Blinkers and Struckd, Mr. Baur unveiled the Carhelper, an app that alerts a driver when a car needs repair. Carhelper uses different quotes from three prominent vehicle manufacturers.


Education Background


Mike Baur attended Rochester University to pursue a degree in Business Administration. Later one, he enrolled at the University of Bern for Executive MBA.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Blazes Her Own Path

Choosing to be a pioneer is not always easy. In many cases, being a pioneer means taking all kinds of risks. One person who knows all about how risks can offer great rewards is Dr. Jennifer Walden. She knows that excellence is a must in her life as one of the nation’s finest plastic surgeons. Walden’s career in this field makes her one of the nation’s only woman in this particular field. As such, she knows that she must be at her best every single day. Being a woman in this field can be demanding and rough yet intensely fulfilling at the same time. She realizes that her career helps demonstrate that woman can do well in what has often been seen as a career largely dominated by men.


A Long Training Period


As Dr. Walden tells others in a recent interview, becoming a plastic surgeon is a field that requires years of training. The potential entrant must be prepared to complete their medical school degree and then five years of additional training in the field. Doing so can force women to do things such as delay their childbearing longer than they would like. She knows this is why some women in the past may have shied away from this particular field in the past.


Making It Work


Walden has realized that such career challenges appealed to her personally. She knew from the first that being in the field of plastics could be a great way for her to make a difference in her patient’s lives and her world. In the past few years, she has continued to show other woman how they can follow in her footsteps and be part of the plastic surgery world. As a woman, she knows that she can listen to patients closely as she is also a woman. Many woman feel more comfortable with a woman at their side as they discuss the results they would like from any plastic surgery they are planning to undergo. Walden knows she can be at their side helping them to achieve their own personal physical health aims.


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Racist Political Comments Made Online Will Come Back To Haunt You

Presidential elections bring out the best and the worst in people. Unfortunately, some people in the public eye go too far, forgetting that what they say on social media may be construed as their employer’s opinion, not their own. A West Virginia mayor found that her racist Facebook comment about Michelle Obama caused outrage in her community and she had to resign, reports the Huffington Post. To make matters worse, the mayor’s comment was in reply to a post by the Director of the Clay County Development Corp., who replied to the comment by saying “Just made my day Pam.” The director, who oversees services to low-income and elderly clients, should have realized that her rely might indicate that she would tolerate racism in deciding which clients to serve in the community.

Both of these women will probably look for another job one day, and then these comments will resurface, even if their racist remarks were not widely reported by the media. Anyone who plans on searching for a job in the future should watch what they say on social media. Opinions are fine, however, if you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see your comment, don’t post it on social media. Even self-employed individuals shouldn’t tweet or post anything on Facebook that they wouldn’t want potential clients to view.

Even if a potential employer happens to agree with you, they will believe that you should know better than to post offensive comments, because they will worry that if you get emotional and post something that will offend someone, it will be associated with their company. Play it safe and assume nothing you say on social media is truly private.

IAP History and Service Provision across the Globe

IAP Worldwide is a U.S based company. It prides itself in the provision of global scale statistics, management facilitation services, advanced professional and Technical services. The company has a workforce of over 2000 employees and is based in over 25 countries across the globe. It has also majored in solving public and private customer’s most demanding challenges. The company engages with the unexpected. It responds to issues that involve natural disasters and battlefields. With moment’s notice, they plan and avail the desired services.

The organization has been operational for the last 60 years. It has a reputation for being among the most active and reliable market leaders. The company adopts the clients’ mission as their own, channels their passion, conviction and years of experience to customized solutions and exceptional results. IAP Worldwide operates under the management of the Chief Executive Officer and Director, Douglas Kitani.

Today’s IAP is as a result of a group of several pioneering businesses that evolved to what it is today. In 1953, IAP began as Pan Am World Services. The company was charged with operating the first space launch complex base. In 1989, Pan-World Services were acquired by Johnsons Controls and got renamed to Johnsons Controls Worldwide Services Inc. This company was tasked with maintenance and management of military bases. In 1990, IAP Worldwide was formed as a specialized procurement and logistics company. It was then tasked with supplying generators to the US Army in Saudi Arabia. In 2004, the company ventured into the new markets and held government contracts worth 370 million dollars. In 2006, IAP Worldwide acquired UK-based British Engineering Firm. The company is tasked with providing the Government and international clients with a broad range of facilities and services. By 2015, the company has expanded to over 110 locations in more than 20 countries across the globe.

IAP Worldwide takes pride in hiring talented and people with unique skills. They bring the skilled workforce together to create a cohesive whole that is far much powerful as considered to the sum of their individual qualifications and experiences. The organization empowers the workers with the necessary tools to do their jobs effectively. The company does everything possible to ensure that the working environment is favorable for all employees. The company, being a service provider, it requires a large workforce. Job posting can be found on the company website under the career section. All candidates qualified for the positions are encouraged to apply. The company also guarantees a transparent process during the selection of the desired candidates.

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WEN for Cleansing

Try WEN's Hair Cleansing ConditionerAre you interested in having the best hair around? Then try a cleansing conditioner instead of using two separate bottles on your hair. You’ll love how you can easily make your hair look better by paying attention to each separate strand, and you’ll also love how simple it is to make sure you have the best, most affordable hair care on the planet.

Using just one bottle of hair care product—in this case, cleansing conditioner–can help you save money, too, for your hair care will only cost a fraction of what it would if you bought two bottles of shampoo and conditioner. It’s an easy budget saving thing to change, no?

So, if you need a place to start, take a look at WEN’s all-natural hair care products. You’ll find different cleansing conditioners, including a fabulous almond variety, and you’ll also find other products that you’ll be able to afford when you realize how much money you’re saving. Created by stylist Chaz Dean, WEN hair care has been in business for years, making products that save money and time.

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If you need to find WEN online, it’s easy to do, and you’ll love how much you can save when you buy directly from their website. You can also buy their products at your local retailer. You’ll appreciate how easy they are to find, and you’ll want to keep buying them every month for your hair. So, why wait?

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