Securus Release Corrections To Global Tele Link Press Release

Recently Securus Technologies released an article to correct the supposed inaccuracies of Global Tele Link’s (GTL) series of current press releases. GTL is using these press releases to make accusations against Securus and the recent legal battle GTL is waging against some of Securus’ patent claims.


To counteract these negative press releases, Securus is writing articles highlighting the specific points that GTL has been cited in the press releases with an explanation for each point. The whole legal battle boils down to the belief that Securus has pirated video technology that GTL states is theirs (patent 816, plus a bunch of sub patents) and are waiting patent approval. The United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) as neither approved or denied these patents, the PTAB has just decided not to review any of the patents at this time.


So this begs the question as to how Securus Technologies are in violation of patent fraud when there are no existing patents? Besides Securus is very confident that their Video Visitation technology does not impede on any of the technologies that GTL is trying to patent. Securus’s article is very specific in addressing these supposed violations and I believe that Securus, as a company, would not be so forthcoming if they were at fault for any of the accusations.


In fact the Securus article voiced concern over GTL spending so much of their company’s money on pursuing these patent violation claims. Also included in the article is the status on the number of patents each company holds and those in process. If Securus does not have the patent for a piece of technology, they will seek out the patent owner and offer a partnership for the use of the patent.


Securus Technologies is one of the largest inmate communications companies in the country serving over 3400 facilities and 1,200,000 inmates.


Steps To Finding A Good Lawyer

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Online Reputation Management : Personal Branding

The landscape of the world wide web is a dangerous one if you are not careful. Branding has come to the forefront of every major business. Attributing a personality to a company or product feels more real and more personal.

What if you aren’t a business or product? What if you want your services or identity to reach the masses through online content? You can do the same thing. It’s a lot of work, but the pay off is worth it. Not only can you use branding, but you absolutely should.

The rewards of personal branding are through the roof. The risks, however, are also a present reality. When you choose the positives of personal online identities and branding, you also choose the negatives.

Customers and consumers now have access to what you’ve said and done online. They can take pieces of your internet past and put together a presumption of your character that doesn’t have to be true or entirely honest.

The catalyst for this behavior could be a mistake or a public action that you regret. It could be an event that a reader or watcher simply doesn’t understand and judges based on the action and not the steps taken to get there.

The actions that cannot be undone lead to reputation alteration. The work that you’ve put into your name and your profession can be taken away in an instant. How do you combat that kind of destruction? What are you options?

Personal branding essentially is reputation.

Online reputation management is an up and coming industry in itself. The ability to combat the kind of damage a handful of people can do is valuable and necessary. A lot of it has to do with the work that already goes into personal branding and content creation. It is just one more way to carefully present yourself to communities, websites, and groups.

You may have heard of it referred to as ORM or Rep Management. It is commonly used for companies or businesses, but if you are serious about the influence your name carries, it can work for you.


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